Monday, January 22, 2018

Disneyland in the Spring

Disneyland!!! As many of you know, I am a huge Disney admirer and love to visit the parks whenever I can, especially since I got an annual pass back in December. I was so excited to be visiting Disneyland in May because the weather is usually wonderful and the flowers are gorgeous. I had also been dying to go because there are several special, limited release things going on that I really didn't want to miss.

First, these ADORABLE lady bug macarons from Jolly Holiday are a limited time item for the retirement of the Main Street Electrical Parade. I had to get some of these cuties the instant I was in the park. They were strawberry flavored and were so delicious in addition to being the cutest cookies I have ever seen.

While at the Jolly Holiday, I of course had to pick up my all time favorite Disney treat, the fresh raspberry Micky Macaroon.

After my quick dinner and treat stop, I headed over to California Adventure to meet up with my friends Laura, Alexis and Taylor to watch World of Color. I made sure to swing by the new Gardens of the Galaxy Tower, I had seen pictures of it but I wanted to inspect it in person. My first reaction is that I don't like it, I actually kind of hate it. The Hollywood Tower of Tower was so classic looking, and this monstrosity is a little overwhelming. I'm sure it will grow on me, I'm still sad they changed it but I'm sure it will still be a fun ride. It wasn't open during this trip, it still has a couple of months of work before it opens. Can't wait to ride it!

We got an awesome spot for World of Color and got to watch the sun set behind the giant Mickey wheel while we waited for the show to start.

After the show, we ran back over to Disney to try and fit in one last ride before the park closed. We chose Splash Mountain since the wait was so short.

Unfortunately, we experienced a log jam and had to be escorted off the ride, whomp whomp. But the plus side is we got a fast pass good for any ride in the park as compensation. We look forward to using it tomorrow since we didn't have time to jump in a line for any other rides this evening. So we said goodnight to the park and headed back to our hotels.

Day two of our Disney trip began with a character breakfast at the Plaza Inn. I hadn't ever done the character meal here and I don't actually remember ever eating here, I'm sure I did when I was little but I didn't remember how beautiful the interior was!

The caramel, banana waffles are Lex's favorite dish here so I had to try some and they were just as delicious as they look!

It took a while for the characters to start coming around to our table, and I must say it was a pretty random assortment of Disney characters haha I'm not sure I have ever seen Rafiki in the parks before, but he was one of the first characters we got to meet. Cute Taylor wanted pictures with all the characters but Lex and I didn't, so we let her be our Disney model for the trip.

Captain Hook is one of my favorite characters to meet, he is hilarious and is always pulling some kind of silly prank. He was hanging out at our table when Pooh Bear peeked around the corner and was scared to see Captain Hook, so he covered his eyes and refused to move.

Captain Hook went over to talk to him and calm him down, and they ended up being good friends haha I love seeing random Disney characters interact with each other.

We had to track Eeyore down since he never made it to our table, but we really wanted to meet him. He was talking with some other guests and when he finished we waved him over to us, he had to sneak passed a light post and he had to lift up his big tummy to fit, I thought it was hilarious.

Then it was time to ride some rides! Using the Disney app, we were able to avoid lines and fit in quite a few rides before lunch.

My favorite thing to do on the Disneyland version of It's a Small World is find all the Disney characters they have added in, I think they are the cutest things ever. I wish the Disney World and the other parks would follow suit and add Disney Characters into their Small World rides. My favorite one is Ariel, I didn't get a picture of her this time, but she is too cute in her little under the sea scene.

I was super excited when lunch time rolled around because we were going to check out the Red Rose Tavern, a special, limited time pop up restaurant celebrating the release of the new live action Beauty and the Beast film.

They had completely transformed the Village Haus in Fantasy Land from it's original Pinocchio theming to all Beauty and the Beast. It was so fun to see all the details they had included in the different dining areas.

They had created a whole new menu for the tavern, I had watched several food review videos before I came so I was prepared with what I wanted to order.

I always enjoy seeing the fun speciality items available by the cash registers like this mug and those adorable rice krispy treats. I didn't get either of them, but I couldn't pass up documenting them.

I ordered the slow cooked beef poutine. It was savory and delicious and not overly filling which was nice, since there are lots of Disney treats I wanted to try, not to mention the large breakfast we had at our character meal. Disney just knows how to do food.

For dessert, I went with the lemon rose cake. First of all, how beautiful is it? I loved how it looked. It is a lemon mousse "cake" with a strawberry rose filling. It was pretty good, I wanted more rose flavor from the filling, but over all it was cool and refreshing.

Lex ordered the Grey Stuff and let me have a bite, it was pretty delicious as well.

These stained glass windows made from the opening scenes of the original Disney cartoon version of the movie were one of my favorite decoration details.

After lunch we headed to the princess meet and greet area and who should we see there but Gaston! Perfect timing. He is another character I love to meet because he always says the funniest things and is so good about answering questions the way the real Gaston would.

In continuing with our Beauty and the Beast food theme, we stopped by Maurice's Treats to check out the fun new offerings they had for the new movie release. I got a Grey Stuff Twist with Dipping sauce and  Red Rose Lemonade Freeze.

The Grey Stuff twist was oreo flavored and was just alright, it was sadly kind of bland, even with it's special oreo and cream dipping sauce. I kind of wish I had gone for the strawberry rose twist.

The Rose Lemonade Freeze, on the other hand, was perfection. There was enough rose flavor, but it wasn't too flowery and it was soooo refreshing. The weather wasn't as mild as I was hoping it would be, it was hot, hot, hot. We often had to take air conditioning breaks in between running to rides and getting treats, so a frozen lemonade definitely hit the spot.

We had a Jasmine and Aladdin sighting while we were hanging out, aren't they so cute?! I always love Jasmines outfits.

Our Disney fun continues in my next post ...

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  1. Loved the garden of shades of pink Foxglove spiky flowers! They were so closely planted it was a wave of pink! The Beauty and Beast details were fun. I loved the stained glass from the original animated movie, they were amazing. Disneyland is always the same and always different. How do they do that amazing balance??