Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Disney Parades

The next item on our Disney agenda was scouting out good seats for the Soundsational Parade. We were able to score perfect seats on the stone bench by the Alice in Wonderland restrooms. The Soundsational parade debuted in May of 2011 and celebrates songs from Disney films. I don't ever remember seeing this super fun parade before, I loved every minute of it.

So much fun! The Princess and the Frog and Mary Poppins segments were my favorite. After the parade we were strolling around New Orleans Square when we ran into Pocahontas! I don't ever remember meeting her in the park before. She was so adorable and talked to us for a long time.

Then we met up with Laura, Rob and Chris to ride Splash Mountain and hope that it didn't break down on us this time. Laura had brought shower caps for all of us to keep us dry and make our photo extra silly.

Donuts at the coffee cart by the castle are a relatively new Disney treat and I couldn't wait to try them out! We were lucky and got to the cart a couple of times when it was full. They don't make donuts everyday, so when they are gone, they are gone for a long time. We got to try the strawberry cupcake and s'more donuts. They were pretty tasty but to be honest, I was expecting a little more from a Disney Donut. I will be back to try all the other ones though.

The Matterhorn now has fast passes!!!! Woohoo!!! 

I got a Matterhorn macaroon from Jolly Holiday to celebrate.

To end our evening on a high note, we stayed to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade which was brought out of retirement earlier this year and will only be on show until the end of the summer when it is rumored to permanently retire. This parade originally debuted in Disneyland in 1976 and ran until 1996, when it was then taken on the road to several of the Disney parks including Magic Kingdom, Paris Disney, Tokyo Disney and even California Adventure for a short stint. The parade hasn't run anywhere since 2010, the floats are the originals with updated LED lights. I remember seeing this magical parade when I was little, so it has a big nostalgia factor for me.

This princess segment is definitely my favorite part. I want to twirl and dance in one of their light up dresses!

I wonder how many of the kids today, and even the millennials recognize Pete's Dragon when he comes up in the parade. My sisters and I watched that movie all of the time when we were younger so he was a big part of our childhood.

The parade ends with a patriotic segment full of flags, eagles, fireworks and dancers in colonial dress. I'm glad I got the chance to see this cute parade again before it's short run comes to a close since it might not come back!

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