Thursday, January 25, 2018

Alice in Disneyland

For Vienne's first ever day in Disneyland, she came dressed as Alice and Bethy came as her White Rabbit. They charmed everyone who saw them and they got numerous compliments. Bethy had done a marvelous job preparing V for what to expect at Disney, they had been watching youtube videos of all the rides for months and V was ecstatic to see them all in person.

The ride V was looking forward to the most was the tea cups, she would request to watch videos of that ride on the daily. Her little mind was blown when we walked up to the ride and she saw it for the first time in real life.

She. Loved. It.

We were lucky enough to see the Mad Hatter right as we were exiting the tea cups! What a fun surprise.

This little door in the Mad Hatter store is one of my Mom's favorite Disney details in the park. We have numerous photos of all of us at different ages posing by this door. Now we have one of V! The fact that she is dressed as Alice for her "little door photo" is perfection.

Next up, Alice in Wonderland of course! Bethy had given great care to describing the dark rides to V, and they had watched tons of videos of them so she would know what to expect. However, you never know how a child is going to react to something, so we were all excited for her to experience this ride but also a little nervous, we didn't want her to feel scared at all. V LOVED it! She was asking for "more" when the ride was over. She is such a champ!

We all took a spin on King Arther's Carousel ...

... and took a cruise through Storybook Land, where we saw David Hodges from CSI Vegas getting off one of the boats, I love celebrity sightings at Disney! I especially loved that we spotted him on this ride, as I recall I don't think he had any kids with him...

By now we were completely chilled to the bone, the weather was not warming up and we even got misted on a few times. So, for lunch we got warm tomato basil soup and buttery grilled cheese sandwiches from Jolly Holiday, the perfect comfort food for a chilly day. It totally hit the spot and lifted our slightly chilled, hangry moods.

After lunch, it was nap time. I love doing Disney on a toddler's schedule, early morning, back to the hotel for afternoon nap, then back to the park for the evening, if you feel like it. It's a different pace than rushing around the park, fitting in as much as you can every minute of every day. I have done Disney both ways, and I love them both. But the toddler's way is much kinder to my body and feet.

We half walked, half danced our way back to the hotel for nap time and to warm up. After we had all woken up, we assessed how we were all feeling and decided to have an easy going night. We grabbed dinner at the Earl of Sandwich (Their holiday turkey sandwich is to die for) which was right next to our hotel, danced to some live music in Downtown Disney and went to bed early, to make sure we were well rested for another fun day of introducing V to the magic of Disney.

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