Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Delectable Delights

I LOVE cupcakes, and so do my sisters, so we like to make cupcakes for holidays and birthdays. I have two books that are all about decorating cupcakes in amazing ways and have set a goal to make all their designs. Here are some examples of the exquisite designs we have made so far. For Easter we made Zalia flowers which are composed of mini, colored marshmallows cut in half diagonally. We also made beautiful butterflies out of melted chocolate. We filled the Zalia cupcakes with a chocolate pudding and the butterfly cupcakes with vanilla custard, they were delicious!

For baby Evelyn's birthday, which was themed around the story of Peter Rabbit, we made a garden out of cupcakes! This design got creative for example the heads of lettuce are made of cornflakes covered in green frosting, the radishes, carrots and pea pods are sculpted out of various colors of air heads, the carrots are dusted with cinnamon to make them look like they were just pulled from the garden soil, the signs are made of graham crackers and the shovels are pretzels with more sculpted air heads. They sure turned out adorable!

When Bethy and I went to see Art in Bloom at the University of Utah's art museum we indulged in one of their adorable floral cupcakes to celebrate the occasion. Cupcakes are just always the best choice no matter where you are, they make people happy especially me!

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