Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Its A Brand New Year!

I always find New Years an exciting time, its a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and setting new goals. I have resolved to set some New Years resolutions this year because I didn't last year and even though it was a fun year I didn't feel that wonderful feeling of accomplishment and victory, because I didn't really have anything in mind to work at and accomplish. Ok well I set one goal in September, pretty late for a New Years resolution I know, I set out to receive a 4.0 at BYU. Through many meetings with professors, freakish amounts of studying, and numerous emails I am proud to say that I accomplished my goal! Last semester I received my first 4.0 at BYU and it felt amazing. I hope to feel more of that amazingness this year and that is why I am posting a list of things I want to accomplish or try this year. I feel if I post my list then it is more official and thus there is more pressure to follow through. So here it is,

Kate's list of New Years resolutions for 2010:

{Join a book club and become more well read}
{Read at least 4 church books}
{Make a dress}
{Make at least 4 designs from my cupcake books}
{Complete an internship}
{Make a skirt}
{Attend the temple once a week}
{Ride my bike more}
{Try one new recipe a month}
{Open an Etsy shop}
{Complete P90X}
{Do more service}
{Go on a hike with a llama}
{Travel to Charleston and Savannah (ok its the family trip this year but its something new!)}
{Hike Mount Timpanogos}
{Drink less soda and more water}
{Make my blog into a book}

Well its a start I'm sure I will be back to add more but this is the initial list that I came up with, here's to 2010!

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  1. I counted that I could do at least 13 of these with you!!!! definitely the bookclub, dress making, esty shopping, P90X, traveling, and hiking.... I still need to hike mount Timp for my first time, please take me with you. Hopefully after P90X mount timp will have nothing on our rock hard bodies! (oh yes the drink more water less soda is also a goal that Im recycling from last year....but maybe this year will be the year)