Friday, January 15, 2010

Falling in Love With Fall

I love Fall, I really do, I can never say it enough, and you will never fully understand the passion I have for this season and all the fun festivities that come with it. A couple of years ago Bethy and I decided that we needed to create some fun traditions to celebrate this glorious season. So this is what we came up with, tradition number one, ride the lifts at Sun dance and marvel at all the brilliant colors. This tradition came about when Bethy and I met up for lunch one day and were both wearing turtle necks under bright, fall colored coats, we decided we couldn't pass up this lovely coincidence so we bought a disposable camera and headed up the canyon. We decided that in order for something to be a true tradition you had to do it at least three years in a row, 2009 marked our second fall lift ride, next year it will be crowned an official tradition.

Afterward we met up with Reece at Spark for some refreshing and unique drinks and a delicious dinner. This time around I got the cotton candy Shirley temple, it had a huge cotton candy sail which was very tasty when complimented by the cherry goodness of the Shirley temple

Tradition number two, riding the alpine slide and coaster and finishing the day with a trip to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get caramel apples, 2009 was again the second year for this tradition. This one is a total blast! I love the alpine slide and the coaster is amazing! My friend Steve, who I met freshman year, is usually working the rides when we go so he lets us go as many times as we want and refuses to let us pay, I never fight him on that, that is for sure. After our little faces are totally frozen from zipping down the mountain as amazingly fast speeds we head to the chocolate factory for some scrumptious treats. I feel caramel apples are the official treat of Fall and it isn't officially Fall until you have indulged in one.

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