Friday, January 1, 2010

A Relaxing Crafternoon

The holidays can be very stressful, we all know this and you most likely feel the same way. So after the rush and bustle of the holidays were over my sisters and mom had a relaxing spa day using this awesome pedicure stuff the Bethy gave to all of us. It has two packets, the first packet you sprinkle over a tub of warm water and it turns the water to the consistency of apple sauce oh my goodness it felt so good and relaxing and it also smelled delicious. Then once you are done you sprinkle the second packet in your tub and it turns it back to water for easy clean up. It seriously is magical and so relaxing and soothing ah we all loved it and felt so refreshed. While we were soaking in bliss we watched Julie and Julia, I Love that movie, it is so cute and made me want to set a goal as awesome as working my way through Julia Child's entire French cookbook in a year, a very fun feel good movie.

Sweet Karin brought us all a cute menu or messages board to make from a super Saturday that her Arizona ward had done a couple of months ago. So when we were finished pampering ourselves we started crafting.

Once I am in a crafting mood it is hard to stop me. After the cute Menu board the creative juiced started flowing and made a couple of headbands while watching confessions of a shopaholic. These are so fun to make! I love them! and it was hard to stop I could have made them all day and night. Evie was more then willing to be a model to show off my new creations.

Once I pulled out my moms old button tin to find some unique centers for my yo yo head bands I was instantly fascinated by all the buttons and all their possibilities so I decided to design a button headband which was a delight to create. I wore it to CPK today when I went to lunch with my mom and dad and I had two people come up to our table to ask about it and more comment as I walked out, yes it did make me happy to say that I had actually made it and didn't buy it anywhere. I also wore my colorful yo yo headband when I went to get an X ray at the doctors and all the nurses commented on it and said they would love to buy some!

Earlier this year I made a few feather headbands which was the beginning of my recent headband obsession, they are very fun to wear!

And yes I do have some for sell so if you are interested let me know!


  1. Wow! These are so cute! Are they for sale? I would totally buy several! Nice work indeed.

  2. Kitch I have a business plan proposal that Im sending your way....yes, your that good. Love you!