Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Glamorous Grandmothers

My mom was lucky enough to inherit some of her mothers clothes and even some of her mother in laws. She pulled them out one day and let us all try some on. I thought they were absolutely exquisite! It was so fun to try them on and have a tiny window into my grandmother's life, I never got to meet her but she sounds like an amazing woman, and she certainly knew how to dress! It was so fun to experience this with my sisters and hear my mom's memories of her mother as we tried on her dresses, my mom remembered her mother in most of the clothes that we tried on, it was very special and very fun.

After we discovered such an amazing wardrobe, Bethy couldn't help but think up a couple of photo shoots to show it off. First, she took Karin downtown to the Wells Fargo Building and created these GORGEOUS photos, Karin is such a natural beauty, and Bethy is a natural photographer and can think up the most amazing photo shoots in awesome settings, combine the two and BAM! you've got masterpieces like these.

She also shot some pictures of me in grandma Christensen's dress in the Mona lavender fields which I posted earlier, click here to see them.


  1. Amazing!! I have a very old, very cool flapper dress that I think was my great grandmothers! It is teensy, so I will have to have someone else model it but what a great way to preserve these keepsakes!

  2. Oh my, Karin looks amazing and Bethany did a great photo shoot!! What a fun memory to be able to try on those clothes!