Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Our family was introduced to the game Telestrations a few months ago, and we have been totally obsessed ever since.  It is such a fun and hilarious game.  It is basically like telephone but with drawings.  Here is how you play:
1.)  Everyone receives a note pad and a pen to draw with
2.) Everyone draws a card that has a list of different words to draw and picks one to draw on the front page of their note book
3.) Everyone passes their notebooks to the person on the right
4.) That person then guesses what they think the drawing is and passes it to the next person
5.) This person now has to draw what the previous person guessed.
6.) Continue passing, guessing and drawing until you receive your own booklet back
7.) Review all the crazy fun drawings in your note book.  It's hilarious.

We played almost every night in San Antonio, the little boys LOVED this game and thought it was the funniest thing in the world.  Here are a few of my favorite drawings from our San Antonio nights:

I was just proud of the way it turned out, I am a horrible artist.
John's rendition of a sunburn
I was next to Ben and got his guesses in his cute hand writing, his guesses were pretty great as well.  A guy robbing a dentist ...? I wish I had taken pictures of that drawing it was pretty funny.
I should clarify, every note pad starts with a drawing of a single word.  I find it funny how all of them turn into huge descriptions or little stories haha.

John's drawing of a knight chess piece

Playing with little kids also adds a certain challenging element to the game.  Here is Will's adorable rendition of a bride ...
Ben's drawing of an Alien, so cute.
Andrew's drawing of my guess of, an ant bringing balloons to a party.  I thought it was so cute haha.
what would you guess this was if this was passed to you ...
We often play this game after dinner on sundays with the whole fam.  One week Granna and aunt Diane joined in the fun.  Nora was on Granna's team and helped her guess what the different drawings were.

My versio of love handles
Jenny's version of love handles
Any guesses as to what this is ...?
Reece's drawing of colonoscopy
Dad's cute drawing of large intestine
One round I started by book off with this drawing of the word "Queen Bee"
Nora was the last one to draw in my book before it made it's way back to me and this is what she drew, pretty similar!  Mine made it through without getting crazy messed up that round.
Dad's drawing of a turtle, we were all fascinated to learn that turtles have antlers ...?
This game is so fun and full of giggles.  I suggest you all try it out with friends and family!

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