Monday, June 4, 2012

St. Patrick's day Texas Style

Today was our last day in San Antonio, which is really sad.  I know I always say that about our last day on any vacation but there were so many things here that we wanted to do or see but just didn't have the time!  I hope I make it back here soon.  As you can probably tell from the pictures, the day we left happened to be St. Patrick's Day!  Luckily we had a later flight so we still had one more day to enjoy in all the holiday festivities.  I had made everyone one of these special St. Patty's gifts at home and packed them so I could give them to everyone on the actual day.  I thought they turned out so cute!  I love to celebrate every holiday, no matter how minor it might be.

I had the perfect bright green shirt that I had picked out and was looking forward to wearing on St. Patrick's Day.  Unfortuneately I forgot to pack it .... and I didn't have any other green clothing to wear!  I knew I would need something green since I would be with the little boys all day and I didn't want to get pinched!  So I painted my nails green to make sure I had something that was festive on my body!
I figured I should snap a couple of pictures of the view from my balcony since it was such a pretty view of the city ...

Then I hid my presents away in my purse and headed down for our last breakfast all together.  Here all the boys gathered around sponge bob after breakfest, all decked out in their green shirts.  I love how Thomas is just right in the middle of the table totally enthralled in Sponge Bob's sadness...
I am going to miss seeing this cute little face every day!!
We had planned to go see the Flying Monsters 3D IMAX movie this morning so we headed out to the river walk to head on up.  That is where I stopped everyone to give them their little Irish surprise!  They all loved them!  And they were perfect movie treats

These too look so grown up!

San Antonio is so festive!
After the movie we poked around antique shops and different places around Alamo Plaza that we had wanted to explore.  We wandered into the lobby of the most fabulous old hotel that was absolutely stunning. I don't even know the name of it but I had to include some pictures it was just to beautiful to pass by.

We passed by this statue every single day.  It just felt so wrong not to take a picture of it
Then it was back down to the river walk to get to the restaurant we had picked for lunch.  It was exciting to see the crowds beginning to gather for the St. Patrick's parade and festivities that take place on the river!

We had picked El Mirador for lunch.  We had heard it was the best fresh Mexican in the city.  It was quite a walk to get there, but it was definitely worth it.  The food was indeed super fresh and very delicious!  And the atmosphere was extrememly fun as well.

I loved the signs for the bathroom, I thought they were too fun not to document.

Then we parted ways once again, Karin and Ricky's family had a few things they wanted to do before they left and I really wanted to see the St. Patrick's parade down on the river.  So mom and dad were nice enough to brave the crowds with me to join in the holiday fun! The river got greener and greener as the day went on!
So many people dressed up in their best St. Patty's day attire, it was fun to walk through the crowd and see what everyone had put on to honor the holiday.

More and more people kept coming down to the walk as it got closer and closer to the time of the parade, it got super duper crowded which was fun but intense at the same time haha.
Green clad people everywhere! So fun!

Finally it was time for the parade!

Some floats threw out fun prizes

Some tourist boats got trapped in the middle of the parade, but got plenty appluase from the crowds and they floated by

The last boat of the parade was the one adding the dye to the river.  I thought it was crazy to see the contrast of the different colors!

The emeradle green river, I thought it was really pretty when it was such a deep green.
Then we had to pack up and drive to the airport :( but at least we had had a fun and festive holiday.  San Antonio really knows how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!  I had a blast.  While waiting for the plane I had to pick up a few more treats that are special to Texas to cheer me up a little bit since being at the airport waiting for a flight home is always so sad to me.  These treats were delicious!

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