Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jon's Chocolate Covered Surprise

This Spring we were non stop partiers with all the birthdays and baby showers we were putting on for our loved ones.  The next four posts will be about special parties we have thrown this spring.  We will begin with Jon's surprise birthday party.  Cassandra put together one fun and classy surprise party for our dear friend Jon.  She had us all meet at the new Crio Cafe to set up for dinner.  Jon was just right upstairs having a meeting with one of Crio's clients so we had to tip toe around and only talk in whispers, it added to the building excitement.  We all met an hour and a half before Jon's meeting was planned to end, it was a mad rush to get everything in place, but it all turned out so magical.

The color scheme was cream, gold and black.  The boys came in all black and the girls came in various shades of cream and gold. It was a beautiful set up.

Crio cafe was the perfect location for the party since this party was all about CHOCOLATE!  Cassandra had made the most delicious chocolate chicken mole for dinner with all sorts of unique and yummy add ins.  We also had the movie, Chocolate (which is one of Jon's favorites) playing in the background.  Bethy had created a photo booth with all sorts of chocolate props, many pictures of that are featured later in the post.

Cassandra also brought fresh mangoes and dusted them with cocoa and chili powder.  They were amazing!

Laura had made this stunning million layer chocolate crepe cake with candied hazel nuts on top.  Seriously, my friends are the BEST most TALENTED people in the entire world.  I love love love being a part of this special group of people.

Then it was time for the birthday boy's grand entrance!  He was completely surprised! Goal achieved!

Dinner was delicious.  I crave Cassandra's chocolate mole every single day.

Then it was time for cake!  Look how gorgeous that cake is when it is cut into.  All of those layers are individual crepes that Laura made from scratch.  Definitely a labor of love.  It tasted amazing!  Such a special cake for a such a special party
I finally got to hold baby Rosalie.  She is such a snugly baby, she was so fun to hold!  We bonded over a few giggles.

Then it was time for our chocolate covered photo booth.  The props that bethy had brought were so fun and made for such funny pictures ....

All the boys agreed to get all done up for one set of pictures ... they turned out pretty hilarious.
Then they went in the back and all played cards
Then us girls took over the photo booth and had way too much fun coming up with all sorts of silly compositions!

Cassandra might hate me for blogging this picture, but it just makes me giggle I had to share it!

Sprinkle Lips!

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