Saturday, June 16, 2012

Celebrating Sammy

Sammy was the next in line to have a birthday party!  He turned two this year and we celebrating by throwing him a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party!  It was one our favorite books growing up, and looks like he likes it as well!  Jenny and Bethy did a fabulous job at decorating for the party.  It was one of the most festive birthdays I have ever been to!

Bethy made these adorable favors for everyone, it included some yummy candy and our very own very hungery catepillar.  It's amazing that any candy was left in the jar ... hahaha

Jenny, Evie and Nora made these adorable napkin holders.

Grammy helped Evie and Nora make some butterflies out of clothes pins and tissue paper.

Look at that adorable food table!

Jenny always does such a great job with the food for her parties.  The menu for this party came straight from the book.  She served everything that the Hungry Caterpillar ate his way through.

These ice cream cones are actually cupcakes!! Jens baked the little cakes right in the waffle cones and then decorated them with frosting and sprinkles.  Aren't they the cutest things you have ever seen?

As usual, Jenny made the most AMAZING cake.  I say it every time, but she really does make the most amazing cakes, and they are all gluten free!  She is just such an awesome mom.  She made this one to look exactly like the one the Caterpillar eats his way through in the book, look pretty identical if you ask me!
Dinner time!

As you can tell, Jenny's cute cupcakes were a huge hit!

Then it was time for presents!  Sammy was so excited! He thought it might be faster if he used his teeth to get through the ribbons and wrapping paper ....

Bethy's wrapping was exceptional, like always.

She gave Sam a classic potato head, and he was fascinated by it!

After presents, while everyone was gathered around, Bethy told the kiddos that she had a big surprise for them and that they needed to sit in the middle of the floor with their eyes closed.  They had a little trouble with the eyes closed part ....  Here they are waiting for their big surprise, what could it be!
This picture is a bit blurry but Sammy's face is priceless!
A HUGE pile of balloons dumped on their heads was the surprise and the kids went wild!  They absolutely loved it and had so much fun running around playing in all the colorful balloons!  What a great surprise!

After all the balloon fun it was time for cake and singing!   Sammy loved his cake and loved being sung to, he is just the sweetest little boy.  I love him to pieces!

The cake was DELICIOUS!

When it was time to leave Jens gave all the girls butterfly antennae head bands and favors, how cute are they!?
Yet another amazing and fun party hosted by the wonderful Griffin family!  A big Happy birthday to our little Sammy!

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