Friday, June 15, 2012

Evie's Wonderful Woodland Birthday

Evie turned 4 this year!  She chose Thumper, her new favorite stuffed animal, as the theme for her party.  It was a fun theme to work with.  My mom has all the fun woodland animals made out of pine cones that she had gathered at Christmas for her fun Santa's Claus' forest.  She also had a lot of adorable Stiff animals that were fun for decoration, and play! My mom made little woodland fairy crowns for all of the girls out of fake flowers.  The little girls loved them!

All the ladies, plus Sam

I helped Bethy make these adorable mushrooms.  They are just a cupcake liner taped on top of a some rolled up white paper!  So easy and cute!

Jenny's amazing Thumper cake.

The food inspiration was what would little bunnies like to eat ...

After dinner it was cake and singing time!  Evie got a little excited about blew out the candles before we had a chance to sing or take any pictures.  So we had to relight them and start over haha.
Making sure it was OK to blow out the candles this time ...
Then it was Thumper's turn to blow out the candles.

Then it was time for presents!!

Some fun bath potions from Auntie B. 
Then it was time for my gift ...

Pink, glittery, girly wands are always a hit with little girls
Evie's favorite model pose

Evie loves to take silly pictures with my on my phone then look at all of them afterwards, she is really good at making silly faces.  Here are a few we took after the party when everyone was just hanging out relaxing....

Then one cute one haha.  What a fun party!  The Griffins always put on the best get togethers!  Their next two parties are up next ....

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  1. great pictures! So fun to caught all the highlights!