Monday, August 6, 2012

A Glorious Day at Sea

Today was our day at sea.  It felt so wonderful to have a day to relax and to get better acquainted with our amazing floating hotel. Not to mention, waking up to that view wasn't too shabby either.
I enjoyed a few minutes out on our deck.  While it was warmer then I anticipated, and refreshing to sit out in, it wasn't any tropical island, as you can tell by the goose bumps all over my legs.
Then we headed down to meet up with the whole family for a sit down breakfast at Triton's.  I figured I am on a cruise, so I am going to live it up and have a great time with no regrets. So when those servers came around with their pastry tray, I gladly took a delicious glazed donut!
Then I ordered the Mickey waffles.  They were delicious, perfectly sweet and chewy.
After breakfast Bethy. mom, dad and I had a great time looking around the on board store, it was like having a Disney Store in our backyard!

Mom and dad bought me this adorable stuffed bear! I am so glad they did!  It has entertained the nephews and nieces on a numerous occasions on the trip as well as since we have been home, he is a big hit with everyone!
After our fun shopping excursion, I met up with Karin to run off that donut I so enjoyed earlier.  We ran along one of the decks.  I only lasted about a mile before I needed to do a few walking laps but it was so wonderful to get out and exercise in that amazing sea breeze.  That same amazing sea breeze did quite the number on my hair ....
Our jogging path, not too shabby eh?

As I was walking back to the room to take a shower, I passed by the princess party!  I really wanted to attend this event but I never made it to any of them.  I guess I will just have to go on another Disney cruise ..
After I got all cleaned up, Bethy and I headed up to the top deck to get lunch and some hot chocolate.  I thought it was pretty awesome that they had the option of watching a movie (In this instance, Tangled) while swimming.  If it was freezing outside, I probably would have joined in on this activity.  I know the Burtons and Griffins went swimming this afternoon, those crazy kids!

Enjoying my hot chocolate and the peaceful view ....
Then Bethy and I went back to the room to relax.  There were about 5 channels that were constantly showing different Disney movies, so you could never go wrong watching TV in your room.
Koda had a great time hanging out with us ....
...and sipping on some hot chocolate ...
Then it was time for this evening's show.  Tonight was formal night, and the theme was The Golden Mickeys (like The Golden Globes... get it...?)

The show was fantastic, with music and dances from all different Disney movies and all the characters were dressed up in their best red carpet outfits.
The Tarzan dance was my favorite of the evening (even though I don't really like the movie that much) the acrobatics they incorporated were stunning.

After the show it was time for dinner.  We passed Minnie on our way to the restaurant!
My formal attire
We also passed Belle, over looking all the fun festivities.
The Griffin's with our caption, Thord.
Bethy and I with our handsome {and nervous} dates haha
On our way into the restaurant we saw some whales out in the distance.  You can see the mist from all of their blow holes.  Looks like there were quite a few of them out there.

We could tell that they had fins when they surfaced, so we think they were orca whales!
Dinner tonight was at the Animator's Palate, this was by far my favorite restaurant it was so imaginative!

The entire restaurant was decorated in layers of different all black and white patterns.  The pillars were huge paint brushes attached to huge painters palates.  The tips of the paint brushes were filled with twinkle lights that glowed different colors.

Our napkins were done up all fancy for formal night.

Everyone looked so dashing in their formal attire

Oh Evie, a true model

After we had ordered, the four girls went out on the deck to take model shots with the wind blowing through our hair

The amazing view we were looking out at during our photo shoot.
Tonight, we were greeted by a lovely peacock

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  1. thank you so much for sharing the Disney Cruise...
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