Monday, August 20, 2012

Yo ho Yo Ho a Pirates Life For Us.

Tonight was pirate night on the ship.  It's a fun themed night that the Disney cruise lines do.  Everyone dressed up as pirates for dinner and there was a Pirates of the Caribbean party after. It was really fun!  The whole family looked fabulous, all done up in their pirate best.  We had all been gathering things for our costumes and brought everything with us!
 Doesn't my dad look great with an earring!

Evie's angry pirate face

We got our picture taken by the ship's photographer before heading into dinner.

Here everyone is showing their best pirate face .... 

They had a special pirate menu this evening, I loved all the names they came up with...



In the middle of dinner they had a pirate parade come in and announce the party they were having after dinner in the atrium!

After dinner we went to the pirate show and party!

Excellent facial expressions

That night we were welcomed home by a monkey with golden, pirate coins for eyes!

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