Monday, August 13, 2012

More Celebrations In The 49th State

The entertainment crew of the Disney Wonder but on a very festive show to help us celebrate the 4th of July.  They began by singing all the I love America songs that you usually enjoy on this holiday, including my absolute FAVORITE, I'm Proud to Be An American.  I listen to that song every single 4th of July and was so sad that I forgot to put it on my iPhone and thought I was going to have to skip a year, I was so happy when it was their finale song!

Then all the Disney characters came all dressed up in their cute independence day attire:

We knew that there weren't going to by any fireworks ahead of time, I was super bummed about that.  I heard it was because they scare the whales, I don't know if that is true, but I would like to believe that is the reason .... So they said they would give us the next best thing, tons and TONS of confetti!! It was pretty spectacular and so fun to play in!

After the show is was time for dinner, which was full of unexpected and super cool surprises!
They had a special menu for the 4th of July full of classic, American favorites.
This looks like a random picture, it serves a purpose.  First, I thought the servers outfits were cool, it fit the theme of Animator's Palate very well.  Second, remember that this is what they were wearing something happens later in the post ....
So, like I discussed on my Day at Sea post, usually Animator's Palate is all completely black and white.  All the drawings on the walls are black and white, the ceiling is black and white, and the paint brush pillars are black and white as well.  But tonight, little pops of color would appear throughout our meal.  The paint brushes would change colors, the paintings on the walls all slowly were filled with color, and the paint blobs on the palates on the ceiling also slowly went from white to color. . . pretty cool!  Something magical was in the works!

After attending a couple of drawing classes on the ship, Andrew really got into drawing different characters and would work on a different drawing each night at dinner.  Tonight he drew Mickey!

Such a great American meal! BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, french fries, and southern deep fried chicken!
Agung, our server made this awesome ketchup Mickey for Will to dip his french fries in
Love all the Disney details!

After we had ordered dessert, all the servers disappeared and the entire restaurant went dark and the walls lit up with fiery, intense color!  Some of the pictures on the wall were actually TV screens the projected a little show about Disney characters, good and bad!

Evie, enjoying the show
Then all the servers came back out lead by sorcerer Mickey!
These two were our cute servers!  Notice the different outfits ....

Agung was a whiz at making all sorts of magical things out of different restaurant objects.  He had a puzzle or riddle for us to solve every night.  Tonight after dessert he made this amazing transformer out of a kids menu!

Tonight we had a cute little bear welcome us back to the room.  I happened to stop by Karin and Ricky's room and noticed that they had a dinosaur waiting for them in their room!  How fun are they!

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  1. Where were we during the party with the confetti? Hmmm, well we missed that one. It looked pretty cool. That restaurant was by far my favorite. You captured the magic well in your pictures. You are so good at documenting details like Will's ketchup, the towel creatures, Will's origami transformer, the waiter's outfits. . .