Monday, August 13, 2012

Zipping Through Skagway

Today was our first day at a port!!  Our first stop was Skagway, and after another wonderful breakfast complete with Mickey mouse waffles we all went our different adventures.

How beautiful is this boy! 
Bethany, Mike, Andrew, John and I signed up for the Grizzly Rapids Zip line adventure.  So we were all loaded on a bus that took us through town and then up into the forest.  We had the most gorgeous views the entire way up to camp.

Do you see something flying amidst the trees ...?
Super blurry, but you get the idea Bald Eagles!
This was the view that greeted us when we got off the bus a short 45 minutes later ..... ama-za-za-zing!

Wild flowers in full bloom everywhere!

Don't mind my super gung ho pose, I don't know where it came from ... but still a good picture!

Luckily we met at the same base camp as the musher's camp, so we had a few minutes to play with some of the dogs!!  Eeep!

This sweet old dog was nearly blind, but super cuddly.  We couldn't get enough of him.  I know I know I included a lot a lot of pictures of him.  Whoops ...

He was a little strange .... and did somethings that clearly weirded Bethy out a little bit ...

There were also a whole bunch of PUPPIES!! unfortunately, we weren't allowed to play with them.
Then we were all loaded into the vehicle that took us up the sketchiest road up to the top of the zip lines.

Then we suited up .... (HIMYM anyone....? Barney would be proud of us)

Then headed up to our first line!!!

One of our guides did a super awesome flip to show {off} us how it is done!

The first one you had to get a running start and just run off the side of a cliff .... So fun!

Our surrounding were unbelievable!  So lush and green and gorgeous!

More eagles!
There were a couple of lines that you could do flips off the platforms, it was pretty fun to watch everyone try to do flips!

On one of the lines our guides told us we had to strike a pose as we zipped ....

Brennon doing something crazy again ...

On this platform we all had to "free" fall backwards, Eeep!  It was thrilling!

Andrew and Mike doing flips

One this line we had to spread our arms and fall face first towards the raging river!

In the end we did 11 lines.  All different lengths and speeds.  It was a total blast! 
More pictures of the view from camp, it was just too beautiful I couldn't stop taking pictures!

One last blurry eagle picture

Back to town!

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  1. Wow! What a fun afternoon! It was really fun to see what the zip lines were like. Especially when the only description I got from my boys was, "It was fun! It was awesome!" End of story. Absolutely no details. I'm glad you documented it well:)