Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 4th of July from Tracy Arm

Happy Happy independence day!! This year's 4th of July celebration was definitely a unique one!  Instead of playing in the sun and swimming parties in short sleeves and shorts, we spent the day bundled up in our warmest parkas sailing through fields of ice! 

We began the day with the Griffins, at a nice breakfast at Triton's.  I love to live up any and all holidays, so anytime I had the opportunity to embrace the holiday, I did so.  So I started the day off with a red, white and blue muffin to accompany my creamy hot chocolate. 
As my main course I ordered a dolce de leche waffle sandwich, can you say divine!!!
Then we headed back to our room to get ready for the day.  Bethy and I would often take Thomas to help Karin out, he loved partying in our room.  We liked to have music playing while we got ready and he LOVED to dance to the catchy beats.  When he started getting bored and trying to escape, we introduced him to dry shampoo and styling hair with a brush.  He found it fascinating, and from then on loved to play hair salon and would toddle back and forth between Bethy and I, doing our hair with dry shampoo and a huge brush.  I found it to be so adorable, hopefully Ricky isn't upset we taught his son how to play hair salon ...

Taking his job so seriously

After all three of us were all ready for the day, Bethy, Andrew and I headed down to the Animator's Palate, to meet up with mom for a Disney drawing class, just like they have in California Adventure!

Today's lesson was how to draw Goofy

Andrew really caught the drawing bug, and spent a majority of the trip trying his hand at drawing lots of different characters. He is one talented kid!

After class, Bethy and I headed up to the top deck to get a good view of the scenery.  Today was technically another day at Sea, but we were sailing through Tracy Arm which is a gorgeous, frozen fjord.

It was as freezing as it looks, by far the coldest day of our entire trip.  Then we walk by the pool and discover there are kids swimming!  Who are these kids?!  Is their skin broken? I guess they were determined to get in their 4th of July swim.
By now it was time for lunch.  The Wonder put on an awesome BBQ in honor of the holiday.  It would have been a huge shame if we didn't get to have a BBQ on the 4th of July, I was so excited!!

They had the grills set up on the back of the boat and were grilling up a storm!  You could chose from grilled chicken, salmon or steak.  They also had Goofy's open, which serves hamburgers and hot dog all day every day, so it was a darn good BBQ!

I got the chicken and the salmon.  I usually can't stand salmon, but I figured, if I am in Alaska I better eat some fish.  To my surprise, the salmon was delicious!  I ate the whole thing! 

We ran into a couple of family members who decided to hit up the BBQ at the same time! How fun!

Still obsessed with him
After lunch, bethy and I headed down to deck 4 in hopes of running into some characters who were out and about enjoying the icy scenery.  We had tremendous success!

Well, two bears from Brother Bear kind of ran away from us .... we chased after them all the way down the deck but they refused to stop to take a picture with us {yes, we were acting like children and no, I'm not ashamed} BUT besides that we had tremendous success ....

Minnie was looking good in her Alaskan outfit, I kind of wanted one in my size...

Then we started to get our first glimpses of the the Sawyer glacier!  It is so beautiful in it's icy wasteland.

There were hundreds of seals all over the pieces of floating ice!!  How cute are they?!

All those black dots in the water, are seals!  They seriously were everywhere!

After we couldn't feel our faces or hands, we got some hot chocolate and headed inside.  We stopped by the Burton's room to see what they were up to.  They had the most fabulous view of the glacier from their balcony!

After our scenic cruise through the fjords was over, Dad, Ricky and I went to see The Advengers in 3D!! 

It was such an awesome day! But the fun doesn't stop there, our next fun activity was.... To Be Continued!!!

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  1. No wonder Thomas would always cry when I started to take him into our room--we were no competition. He wanted his upbeat music, hair salon, and undivided attention! That glacier was so cool. My boys were so amazed and excited. I think they took 50 pictures of it on my phone.