Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! Christmas morning finally arrived and we got our special breakfast of homemade sweet rolls and Dad's special homemade eggnog. Members of the family trickled in as they woke up, our Christmas mornings have become rather relaxed over the years and it is splendid.

When everyone had woken up and had breakfast, it was time to move to the "Christmas Room" to open some presents!

Before presents, we all squeezed onto the stairs for our traditional Christmas morning photo. Originally there were only four little girls in this annual photo, slowly we added more and more loved ones, it's a miracle we all still fit!

Getting all the excited littles to corporate took a little time ...

We let all the kids open their presents first, since we knew they wouldn't be able to contain their excitement while we rotated through the adults. They went in order from youngest to oldest.

Each time a new present was opened, there would be a little swarm of excited bodies wanting to see what it was and help the recipient play with it.

Vienne had a great time going down the slide all afternoon

Pokemon cards were a big deal this year...

Karin got V a little stuffed guinea pig because Vienne is constantly making high pitched squeaks that sound exactly like a guinea pig.

V. Was.Thrilled.

Thomas is fascinated with anatomy and is constantly wanting to learn more about how the inside of the body works. This was the perfect gift for our little budding medical professional.

When all the kids had opened their gifts, some were pretty tuckered out from all the excitement. It was time for the adults to share gifts.

Mom, dad and I were excited for reece to open his gift we had brought back from our visit to Kentucky. His very own Louisville Slugger! Complete with his name engraved on it!

A photo book I made for mom and dad of our European Cruise we took back in 2015

I received this activity crystal from mom and dad!

I gave Mike a 3 month subscription to Snack Crate, he got online seconds after opening the coupon and got all signed up. I'm excited to hear what goodies they get from around the world!

Since I had slacked off the last couple of years on making photo books for my parents, I gave them another one of our recent trip to Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Dad got this cool steam punk owl to add to his collection

The Griffins gave me a couple of music boxes and I was thrilled! I have a budding music box collection and am always excited to add a new, unique item. This crystal ferris wheel is gorgeous and it plays It's a Small World After All, which is Jenny's favorite ride, so it was very fitting I received it from her and her family.

Another wonderful Christmas Day!

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