Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Snappy Christmas Grams

Between the fun, holiday filters on Snapchat and instagram, my Christmas season got documented pretty well. I tried really hard to throughly enjoy the whole season this year and not just let is slip past me like it has for so long. And for the first time in years, it actually felt like Christmas! Here is an eclectic assortment of a few of the little things that made my holiday season so fun and special.

My mom made several, beautiful holiday meals, she is an artist in all that she does. She designed and created beautiful, as well as fun and festive, meals for us on Sunday dinners and family get togethers. Her house is always so warm and welcoming and decorated for every single holiday. She made my childhood unbelievably magical, and it is delightful to watch her create the same enchanting atmosphere and memories with the grandkids. 

Alle and I had had the same dream of going to the Nutcracker at Christmas for as long as we have been friends, but we never seemed to make it year after year. Not this year though! We finally made it! I love that Alle and I share so many of the same interests, she loves to get out and explore and have a good time just as much as I do, we were destined to be friends from the first day we met.

I grew up going to the Nutcracker with my family, so it is a very cherished event because of the nostalgia I have for it. I remember my parents would sign us up for the special meet and greet where we got to go backstage and meet the performers and sit by the prince in the beautiful sleigh for a photo.

I don't remember the last time I had seen the Nutcracker before going with Alle and Josh, it had been many, many years. So, while parts of it were familiar, it was so fun to rediscover it's magic all over again. A huge thank you to Alle's husband Josh for the tickets!!! You are the BEST!

I was dying over the art nouveau posters. Perfection, they were pure perfection.

They are getting all new sets and costumes next year, so they had some of the current ones and well as ideas for the new ones on display. We will have to make sure to go again next year to see all the new changes.

Our seats were amazing! Close to the stage and right in the center of the row. We could see every detail of the costumes, scenery and choreography.

We were not supposed to take pictures during the performance, obviously. However, I wanted to take pictures of everything and when the lady with the children under her skirts came out, I couldn't resist the urge anymore. Growing up, the costume for this role included a large painted, paper mache head and a more country looking dress. In this production, she was the quintessential french aristocrat and I loved it too much not to document it.

After the show, we headed to Hatch's chocolates to get some hot chocolate and treats. My family used to get rum balls every Christmas from a beloved friend of the family, so we all have very fond memories of these special chocolates. I have tried rum balls in every chocolate shop I have been to, and I must say, the rum balls at Hatch's are by far the best I have had. Except for Mama Lu's of course, hers will always be the best.

I loved watching the kitties explore the tree. Louis, being the timid, gentle giant that he is, has never attempted to climb it, he enjoys basking in the glow of the twinkle lights from below. Dinah on the other hand, is constantly climbing the tree and swatting off ornaments.

I enjoyed watching the snowstorms roll in over the valley from my kitchen windows, and having the falling snow as the backdrop to my Christmas tablescape.

Bethy and I had a Christmas photo shoot one evening

I always seem to get sick at least once during the holiday season. This time, my illness lasted for about two weeks. I lived on my couch watching movies and eating soup. Once my landlord caught wind of me feeling under the weather, he made me a batch of split pea soup and brought it to me to enjoy in bed with a nice chilled la croix, my favorite.

I bought my first ever Christmas sweater this year! I am not on board with the whole ugly sweater party fad that circulates during the holidays, I just don't get it and I refuse to attend them. But a DISNEY Christmas sweater to wear to DISNEYLAND, uh yeah, I'm on board with that.

One Sunday, after dinner grammy had a fun Christmas craft for all of us, she always has best activities, she is the master of creativity. She taught us all about Pomanders, their history and uses, then we all made our own. It was fun to see what designs everyone came up with, the kids loved this activity and the smell of citrus and clove filled the room. Even little Vienne loved this craft, she especially loved smelling the different spices.

While perusing the interwebs one afternoon, I came across an article explaining that Kellogs had teamed up with the Salvation Army to help get toys for children in need, and anyone could be apart of the campaign. All we had to do was made a batch of rice krispie treats and post a picture of our marshmallowy creations on social media with the hashtag #toys4tots, and for every post, Kellogs would donate $10 to the salvation army.

I created snow globes and a wintery forest with my batch of rice krispie treats

I mixed up the color scheme a bit for a few of the globes. One batch of Rice Krispie treats makes a lot of treats!

I had such a fun time wrapping this year, I incorporated candy canes because what kid (or adult) doesn't get excited about having candy on a gift to them.

I walk past the "dog bakery" at Harmons every time I am there and always want to buy the adorable, hand frosted cookies they have especially for dogs. My sister Jenny has a dog and I had their family for Christmas this year, so it was the perfect excuse! Seriously, are they not the cutest things ever, they kill me.

The Burtons arrived from Arizona!!! The two littlest were asleep when they got to Grammy and Granpops house so we laid them in the "nest" (something we have had from when me and my sisters were growing up, it's basically a giant dog bed for humans. We all have very fond memories of hanging out, watching movies or playing in "the nest")

I got my nails did all special for the holidays, they turned out even better than I was hoping. #obsessed

This was my holiday addiction this year. It is individual tea bags of mulling spices so one can make the perfect, single serving of apple cider whenever they please. I lived off apple cider for a good few weeks.

I also lived in this robe for a good few weeks ....

I have a lot of favorite things that happen around Christmas time, and one of those things is peppermint everything showing up on restaurant menus. I always have to get at least one tub of peppermint ice cream every year, I also have to get a peppermint shake to make my holiday season feel complete.

Cheers to a merry Christmas season 

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