Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Drive Home

The drive home from California was a blissful ride and went by amazingly fast. We only made one stop in Vegas to get lunch at In-N-Out and to stretch our legs by checking out the Bellagio Gardens. I thought the holiday packaging on the In-N-Out burgers was adorable.

The Gardens were absolutely gorgeous and unbelievably festive, they made me wonder what Vegas has going on during the Christmas season, you know there's gotta be tons of fun things happening. I'll have to remember to check into that next year ...

There were hundreds of Poinsettias everywhere and they were stunning, I love these festive Christmas plants.

My favorite part of the Bellagio Gardens is the corner with a selected art piece made out of flowers. I may have mentioned this before on this blog, but my absolute dream job would be creating these botanical masterpieces. It would be so fun to pick the work of art then set to work creating it out of dozens of different kinds of florals and plants. It's like the ultimate coloring page.

I hadn't ever seen White Star Poinsettias before, they were so pretty and such a unique color.

The display behind the front desk

The perfect ending to the perfect vacation

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