Thursday, March 2, 2017

Disney at Christmas!: Day 2

Day 2 was one of two full days to have fun in the parks, so we got a (semi) early start! Lex and I stayed at the Clarion hotel, it's a few blocks away from Disney, but it is on the Art bus route, so would wait right outside our hotel for the bus, and then were dropped off right at the entrance of the park. It was a great place to stay and it had an excellent price tag. I was super excited to have the chance to wear my super adorable Minnie sweater I had bought at Disneyland Paris!! It's usually too warm to wear it in California, but today we had the perfect Disney sweater weather.

We began our day with a breakfast of champions, Cozy Cone Chilie Con Quesos, one of my favorite meals in California Adventure. We sat on Flo's outside patio and enjoyed the sunshine and watching the cars race past on Radiator Springs Racers. It was the perfect start to a lovely day.

We hung out in Cars Land for a little while after breakfast. We had the best time on Luigi's new ride, Rollickin' Roadsters. This is the cutest ride, the adorable, pastel colored cars do dances to different songs. While waiting in line we noticed every so often there would be a Christmas song, and we hoped we would be lucky enough to have a Christmas song when it was our turn. Merry Christmas to us cause we got a Christmas song!!

Then we rode Racer's by riding in the single riders line, we got to ride this ride a few times by utilizing this line.

Then we headed to Tower of Terror, for our last ride. Disney is changing this ride to a Guardians of the Galaxy ride. The actual ride will still be the same, dropping guests from great heights, but it will no longer have it's creepy, 1920's theme. I am SO SAD about this change, I love Guardians of the Galaxy, but I love the 1920s more and I love how unique this ride was. RIP Tower of Terror.

Our last Hollywood Tower Hotel photo :( 

Then he hopped over to Disneyland and strolled down main street, taking our time looking through all the stores. I loved how each store had unique Christmas decorations, these fancy, fashionable ones were some of my favorites. I also added a few more items to my Disney jewelry collection!

More adorable Christmas treats!

By now it was time for lunch! Laura had made reservations for everyone at Cafe Orleans, my favorite! Aren't these Tiana inspired Christmas wreath and garlands just the cutest things ever??

This little alleyway might be my favorite place in Disneyland. I love the shops, I love the architecture, and I love how it completely transports me back to New Orleans.

Our meal consisted of Mint Juleps, Pomme Frites and Monte Cristos, the perfect Disney meal.

After lunch we headed back to Main Street to get a front row spot for the Christmas Parade. You guys, this parade is the cutest thing I have ever seen, it got me all little kid giddy about Christmas. Also, the poinsettias by the castle were on point!! 

We had a little while to wait for the parade, we got there in plenty of time to get awesome front row seats. I had fun going through all the snap chat filters, one of my favorite past times. Laura was sweet enough to make a treat run to Jolly Holiday to get us some dessert to enjoy while watching the parade.

My life was so complete at this moment, my favorite Disney treat (raspberry macaron, if I had to chose one food to eat for the rest of my life, it might be those macarons), the cutest Christmas parade of all time, and two of my besties by my side.

The big finale was an epic North Pole float with Santa "flying" in on his sleigh

After the parade, all the twinkle lights had been turned on!

Lex and I gained Laura and her nephew for a night time party! We ran all over the park riding rides, eating treats and ending the night with a special Christmas edition firework show at the castle!

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