Thursday, July 27, 2017

Magic Kingdom: Adventureland

Adventureland! While there are quite a few similarities between Adventureland in Disneyland and Disney World I must admit I liked Adventureland in Disney World better, for multiple reasons ...

Reason #1: Adventureland in Disney World is so much bigger! Thus the awesome theme could be explored more with the bigger space, and it isn't the source of an anxiety inducing traffic jam like in Disneyland.

Reason #2: There is so much Aladdin themed stuff! I have always thought the parks never really took advantage of the visual treasure trove Aladdin offers. Both Disneyland and Disneyland Paris have little nods to this epic film, but they don't really do it justice. I was happy to see that Disney World took it to the next level with it's Aladdin themed rides and stores. 

Reason #3: The temple scene in the jungle cruise. So. Rad.

Reason #4: Skipper Canteen. This restaurant is like an extension of the jungle cruise, cheesy jokes and all. I was super into the decor of this restaurant as well, naturalist meets Disney, it doesn't get much better than that.

Reason #5: The Swiss Family Treehouse is still The Swiss Family Treehouse. The Tarzan Treehouse in Disneyland makes me want to cry sad tears every time I walk through it. I don't want to relive some of the saddest movie scenes in a Disney movie over and over! It's only redeeming quality is the super fascinating library/study scene at the end, which is what the entire Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is like, so yeah it's a million times better.

I could keep going, but those are the top 5 reasons why I like Adventureland in Disney World better. Here are some pictures of some of those reasons ...

Jungle Cruise is one of my favorite rides, thus I took tons of pictures. Sadly, none of the pictures I took in the aforementioned temple scene turned out, so you will just have to go ride it to see what I am talking about.

It was super fun riding this ride for what felt like the first time, I didn't know what fun surprises lay around each corner

These happy baby elephants were almost too cute to handle

The Head Salesman, Trader Sam

We toured the Treehouse at night so the pics of the inside will come later in the post, but isn't it so awesome?!

Our first meal in Magic Kingdom was at the Skipper Canteen. Laura made us the reservations and said it was one of her favorite places to eat. I didn't know what to expect, but I ended up loving our experience. Our super adorable server had been working for Disney for over 20 years and had had all sorts of jobs all over the park. He told us he was the chauffeur for Roy Disney, Walt's brother, and had the experience of having a picnic on the site they had just acquired for Disney World back in the 1960s. Apparently, the mugginess and the mosquitos were so bad during that picnic, that Roy was concerned they had just made a huge mistake. Luckily, they continued with the project and now millions of people get to experience the magic of Disney World every year.

We were seated in the Crew's Mess Hall section of the restaurant. There are a few other themed rooms which we will explore later ... 

We both ordered this fun drink, the Schweitzer Slush, to help us cool off before our meal. It is an apple and passion fruit slush topped with bursting green apple bobba balls.

Every meal at the canteen starts with complimentary Ethiopian Ambasha bread with a honey infused dipping sauce. This bread is unique and has a sweet spicy flavor that comes from cinnamon and cardamom.

Next came our appetizers, S.E.A. Shu Mai, A legendary blend of Pork, Shrimp, Edamame Beans, and Spices wrapped in Gyoza Skin then steamed, and Orinoco Ida's Cachapas, House-made Corn Pancakes, Mojo-braised Pork, Black Bean Salad, and Avocado Cream.

For our main course, we both ordered Dr. Falls' Signature Steak Salad. It was delicious, fresh, and filling without leaving me feeling overly stuffed. I was pretty proud of myself for ordering a salad at Disney.

After our meal, we took some time to explore the rest of the restaurant.

The (Once Secret) S.E.A. Room
The famous explorer Dr. Falls was a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurer’s, or S.E.A. As such, he used to host secret meetings in this once-hidden room.

This bookcase hallway from the S.E.A. room to the Mess Hall is such a fun little detail. If you ever find yourself dinning here, make sure to read the titles of the books in this hallway, there are some pretty silly ones...

The Falls Family Parlor
Dr. Falls and his family used to dine in this final room, the Falls Family Parlor (also referred to as the Jungle Room).

Now on to exploring the rest of Adventureland....

The Aladdin themed section!!!

I was dying over the green lushness, I really felt like I was in the jungle!

Adventureland at night is super magical. There are so many fun and dramatic colors lighting up the different shops and rides. We covered a lot of rides and experiences at night, such as the Enchanted Tiki Room

The market place at night is so magical

Time to climb through the Swiss Family Treehouse!

The Swiss Family had quite the view from their magnificent treehouse (I ran out of memory cards towards the end of the trip, thus the last few photos were taken with my phone...)


  1. Loved the stained glass parrot light fixture, and the butterfly booth at the restaurant. Maybe I will have to venture in this November to Adventureland. I like the Alladin part; it was a jewelbox of color and pattern just waiting to made into fun rides and buildings.

  2. I loved the stained glass parrot light fixture! And I would love to eat in the booth surrounded by framed butterflies! I agree that Alladin was just waiting to be made into colorful rides and buildings. I may just have to venture in to Adventure land in November.