Friday, July 7, 2017

World Showcase: United Kingdom

United Kingdom 
"Welcome to the UK, home of Alice!"

We got to the United Kingdom pavilion nice and early on the morning before our late afternoon flight home. We basically had the whole place to ourselves which was awesome! I'm so glad we decided to come back when we could really enjoy this fun pavilion, there are so many fun things to see and do there.

The sun was super bright when we were taking this photo, we had no idea if we were in it or not... we got most of us...

There is a seamless blend of architecture that takes you from the streets of London to an English cottage with cobble-stoned streets, a quaint pub, a charming gazebo, beautifully manicured gardens and soot-stained chimneys.

We had an absolute blast in the tea shop, tea pots and endless flavors of tea are my jam.

While there were tons of things I wanted to take home with me, I could NOT resist this adorable carousal tin, the caramels inside were just an added bonus.

After our time in the United Kingdom we made our way over to Morocco for lunch. We took the boat across the lake to save a few steps, on our way to the dock we passed by the giant "paint by numbers" installation we saw earlier in the week and it was all finished and looked spectacular!

There were several small pop up food stalls that had all sorts of fun art themed items. I had been eyeing that adorable Mondrian-esque cake last time we were in Epcot but never got around to stopping to get a slice. I was planning on getting one when we came back but we discovered most of the stalls were only open on the weekends so I wasn't able to get one :(

However, the stall that had these adorable paint palate cookies was open so I was able to get one of those! I had been eyeing these as well, they were just too cute to not indulge in.

After my cookie appetizer, we caught the boat over to Morocco to eat at the Spice Road Table for lunch.

I was in love with all the decor! Each booth was decorated a little differently

I got some iced mint tea to drink and it was the best ice tea I have ever had, it was so perfectly minty and refreshing! The perfect beverage for a hot day in the park.

We had met a fun group of ladies last time we were in Epcot that told us we HAD to try the brie fondu appetizer, that was basically the entire reason we chose to eat at the Spice Road Table, they had raved about their meal there. The baked brie was everything we hoped it would be and more, we devoured it in a matter of minutes it was so delicious! The bubbly cheese is topped with a sweet fruit jam and the bread is brushed with rosemary and oil. 

We both got the mixed grill skewers for our main course and I'm pretty certain this was my favorite meal of the whole trip. It was so fresh and flavorful and left us feeling pleasantly full. The chimichurri dipping sauce was perfection, I wish I could eat this fresh and clean for every meal. 

After lunch we walked through the Morocco Pavilion to see what it was like during the daytime. Not as magical as it was at night, but still beautiful.

We could hear a drum show start next door in Japan so we walked over to watch for a few minutes

On our way out of the park, we passed through France one last time.

I was in love with this little booth as it represents my favorite part of Paris, the shops that line the river across from the Notre Dame. Strolling along the river, finding vintage keepsakes is one of my favorite things to do when I visit the city of lights.

We were lucky enough to see Belle on her way to meet some guests!

This Marie baby gives me cuteness aggression, every time.

Whew! And that sums up our visit to the wonderful World Showcase!

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  1. The Moroccan Restaurant looked fabulous! Better than Morocco itself. All the lovely design and decor but clean, with delicious spicy adventures in flavor.