Saturday, July 29, 2017

Magic Kingdom: Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom is visually fascinating! It is much more impressive than the one in Disneyland, but there aren't as many fun rides. We only rode a couple of rides here since all the Star Wars rides are in Hollywood Studios.

This Tomorrowland does still have the people mover! It was a must ride for us, it is so relaxing and we got amazing views of the rest of the park as we slowly rode on by.

If I thought Tomorrowland was cool in the day, my mind was blown when I saw it at night!

And 21 posts later, that concludes our magical Disney getaway! It was such a blissful trip, full of so much fun I already want to go back with Lu!

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  1. what a wonderful saga! Twenty-one incredible posts of magical places! I especially loved the details, like the capitals on the pillars, etc. That is part of the Disney Magic is the attention to detail and amazing ability to design charming places better than life!