Thursday, July 27, 2017

Magic Kingdom: Festival of Fantasy

This trip was perfection in many ways, most of it due to Laura's amazing organizing, reservation making and superb fast pass planning. We also had tons of luck and being in the right place at the right time, one of those instances was happening upon The Festival of Fantasy parade in Fronteirland. We stumbled upon the crowds lining up just minutes before the parade started, but since it was sprinkling rain and the parade had potential of getting cancelled we were able to get a perfect front row spot which is unheard of when the parade is minutes away.

I love all Disney parades, but Festival of Fantasy is my favorite so far. The floats were so over the top and unique and movies like Brave and Fantasia were featured which was super fun and unexpected.

This Tangled float was one-of-a-kind. The giant axes in the middle swung like ginormous pendulums and Flynn and the Vikings would hop from side to side and run up and down the blades of the axes!

I always like to pick out the outfits I would want to wear if I was ever lucky enough to be in a Disney parade. This amazing under the sea outfit would be my pick from this parade, the colors and details are perfection not to mention that amazing shell-like hair and crown. I die.

The Lost Boys!

I was fan girling over the entire Brave section. That bagpipe float is so creative and fun!

My all time favorite part of this parade was the Sleeping Beauty segment. It had it all, the three fairies in all their glory, Prince Philip fighting off menacing ravens and dragons and a larger than life steam punk Maleificent dragon that actually breathed fire. I almost cried tears of joy at the imagination of it all.

As much as I don't love the movie of Pinocchio, the whole Pleasure Island part give me the creeps, this parade made Pinocchio seem fun for a minute.

I love that Figaro and Cleo got included in this fun float

This float had all the fun Fantasia details, the hippos in tutus doing ballet with the crocodiles, the ostriches in leotards and ballet shoes, the adorable baby pegasuses, they are my childhood.

Micky and Minnie arriving in an old fashioned hot air balloon was the perfect ending to a perfect parade.

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  1. wow! So glad you caught this one in pictures! What amazing design skills Disney always showcases. The costumes were so creative and the details were interesting...
    The steampunk twist was fun on the dragon!