Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Grand Tradition

Every year after Christmas my sweet Grandma Johns invites the entire family to a wonderful brunch at the magnificent Grand America Hotel. It is such a treat to be in such a lavish venue and it is so fun to see all the cousins and their little growing families. A lot of the cousins live out of state so it is always exciting to see them and hear about their year over a delicious buffet. We get the same gorgeous room every year that is perfect for mingling and chatting as long as we like. I was also excited to try out my fish eye lens that I got for Christmas, it captured the ambiance of the hotel beautifully.

Sweet Heather is so good with all the little kids and always has a fun game to play with everyone while the grown ups chat about boring things. The kids were also very excited about the candy bowl at the entrance of the dining room, the manager of the dining room was very nice and encouraged their candy fetish and assured us that he had multiple bags full of candy so they could take as many as they wanted.

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