Monday, December 6, 2010

A Chocolate Covered Culture Club

For culture club Cassandra and Erick hosted a chocolate night! Erick began the night by giving us a power point presentation about the history of, uses of, facts about, health of chocolate and cocoa beans. It was fabulous I learned so much! I learned that the cocoa beans will absorb whatever is in the air around it, that is why chocolate from different places tastes different! So cool! Then we had a chocolate tasting, he gave us small samples of different chocolates and had us break town the flavors that we could taste in them, some had hints of different fruits, some were more bitter, some tasted like dirt it was interesting to really pay attention to how complex the flavor of chocolate can be! Oh and we kept going after all of that fun we learned how to make our own truffles, peanut butter cups and other chocolates!! That was really fun! It was such an excellent evening filled with learning, fun, and friends! It inspired cheese night that Jon hosted, unfortunately I wasn't able to make that one but I heard it was absolutely fabulous! Me and my friends just love to learn!

The wonderful Durtschi's who put on this splendid evening!

Griffin! This little pup is the cutest little thing ever! I always have to hold him when I go to his house.

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