Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lunch Dates

When Bethy started working in Orem at UVU we used to go to lunch once a week after some of her classes. It was a very fun thing to look forward to every week. Most of the time we would go somewhere that we hadn't been before, we found some real treasures here in little Utah County.
First up, Communal on University Avenue in Provo, man words cannot describe how much I love this place, everything from the decor to the food to the super friendly chefs it is just perfect, it made me feel like I went on a mini vacation to a fancy restaurant in Paris. The food is gourmet and everything is amazing, we got chicken pot pies to warm our freezing little bodies. Since we sat at the bar we were right next to the chefs so we got to see how everything was made, which was pretty fun and the chef closest to us loved talking to us, he talked to us the whole time we were there, and he was hilarious, basically he was our new best friend. For dessert we got a yummy peach and berry spice cake that was oh! so good! I loved this place so much I later took my parents when they came down for education week, everything in that meal was delectable as well, I can't wait to go back again and again and again.

::Terra Mia::

Terra Mia is fun and is probably the most well known place in this post, it serves traditional Italian food. I would say that their pizzas are much better then their pastas, but their tiramisu is creamy and delicious and they have limonata, limonata is my FAVORITE summer drink it is so light, bubbly and refreshing!

::Flour Girls and Dough Boys::

This little gem is in American Fork right off main street. You don't need me to tell you how fun and magical this place is, just look at the pictures, the atmosphere gets an A+ for sure! The food is just as good! I got a delicious turkey cranberry sandwich with a yummy yummy side salad. We didn't have any room left for a yummy baked good but they all looked fabulous I will be stopping by again very soon and will make sure to eat dessert first!

:: Elaine's French Bakery::

Elaine's is a little hidden secret in Orem on state street that needs to discovered! It is so good! French classes at BYU can come here for class credit because you can order in french! so fun! The decorations were very cheesy my favorite were the poles decorated with flowers and vines, but I feel like a lot of restaurants in Europe are decorated like this, I know I saw plenty of them when I lived in Italy during my study abroad. We built our own sandwiches and I think it might be the best sandwich I have ever had. They have this house made mayonnaise that is to die for, and anything on a baguette makes it on to my favorites list. For dessert we split a chocolate pear cake, it was good but very European in the fact that it wasn't very sweet and it wasn't too strong of a chocolate taste, but I absolutely loved the combination of the pears and the chocolate, very nice.

::Porters Place::

OK I know I have said good things about all these places and that is because they are all great, seriously you all need to try them but this place is just great in so many ways. It is in Lehi right off main street, its kinda a small little place that is easily passed by, but you would be robbed of an excellent experience if you passed this place by. It is centered around Porter Rockwell and excels in fine western dining. Atmosphere = A+++ when you step inside the door you feel like you have been transported back to the 1800s, it is so great. Our favorite part of the menu were the Cure Alls, they are concoctions that have awesome names like gun down at sun down, snake venom, swap water etc. but they don't have any description of what they are, we of couldn't pass up taking a chance with a cure all elixir. I don't remember which ones we got but I remember that they were very good! We split a scrumptious buffalo burger with a side of sweet potato fries, if you are into sweet potato fries, which I totally am probably at an unhealthy level, these are money!

:: The Chocolate ::

We love going out for dessert as well, sometimes healthy food and full on meals just get in the way of tasty, sugary sweets. One of my favorite dessert parlors in Provo is The Chocolate located on State Street in Orem, its this tiny little house that tends to get lost amongst the big businesses that surround it. All the rooms are decorated so cute, and every room has its own unique feel which makes enjoying your wonderful desserts so fun! It feels like you are at a friends house, I could easily stay there for hours upon hours. Their hot chocolate and tea selections are supurb and you can't go wrong with any of their delectable delights.

::The Cocoa Bean::

Those of you that know me well know that I have a HUGE obsession with cupcakes, they just make me happy, I don't understand people that claim they don't like cupcakes, how on earth can you not like cupcakes?! Anyway, I have been to a lot of cup cakes shops, I am pretty sure I have covered all of them from Provo to Salt Lake and I must say I think the Cocoa Bean has some of the best cupcakes in town. They are nice and big and chock-full of flavor! But the goodness doesn't stop there my friends, they also have a huge variety of sublime beverages to choose from. During the summer I love to indulge in their Italian sodas, and in the winter their Mexican hot chocolate warms my body, soul and spirit. For a birthday celebration of all our fall birthdays we three sisters came here to celebrate, its just the best! Don't we all look so much a like .... haha


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  1. found your blog through a mutual facebook friend (don't you love social media?) I love this post, I am a fellow foodie. all but 2 you mentioned are on my favorites list, and from the sound of it the other two soon will be (terra Mia + the porter's place). they sell liminata at slab pizza, love it too. p.s. if you love cupcakes, you'll love to attend the cupcake conference, it started in ut!