Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spring Break In Arizona

This spring the family went down to Arizona to celebrate Karin's birthday as well as do some fun things for the boy's spring break. We always go out to a fun restaurant for lunch the day we arrive, this time we went to Liberty Market it has the most delicious and fresh sandwiches, salads, soups, pizzas etc. It may seem strange to blog about this but the bathrooms at this place are so fun, each one is its own little room and they all have different themes and are totally decorated. I felt kind of weird going and taking pictures of all the bathrooms so I only snapped a few of the one that was cooking and kitchen themed, it had recipes written all over the walls and cooking utensils hanging from the ceiling.

That night we went to Peter Piper Pizza for Andrew and John's end of the season soccer party, they all received their metals and trophies and all of us enjoyed the fun arcade games. My personal favorite is the basketball arcade game, its the only one that I can ever win!

::The Phoenix Children Museum ::
The next day we spent at the Phoenix Children Museum, this place is creativity personified. It makes ordinary things into super magical things such as a bunch of CD's stung into a curtain and hung opposite a sunny window turns into a dazzling array of sparkles. Those spaghetti tubes that are made for playing with in the pool turn into a brightly colored maze of a forest

Hats and silverware turn into excellent wall and ceiling decor and creatures.

There are several different rooms for the kids to play in, each one centered around a certain activity, Will and Ben love the kitchen room as well as the pretend supermarket. There was a room dedicated to making forts and had all sorts of supplies such as blankest and pillows to make awesome castles and fortresses.

:: Desert Botanical Gardens ::
The next day we went to visit the desert botanical gardens, these are always my favorite places to visit when we are on vacation. The entrance to these gardens are spectacular with the Chihuly sculptures that were inspired by the cacti surrounding them. They were having a special butterfly exhibit this summer so we got to send some time in the butterfly greenhouse habitat and get up close and personal with several different species of beautiful butterflies!

We all got super hot while enjoying the gardens underneath the blazzing Arizona sun so afterward we went to get frozen yogurt to help cool us down, it does the trick every single time and it tastes good to!

:: Happy Birthday Karin! ::
The main reason we wanted to go to Arizona was to be with Karin on her birthday and to help her celebrate her big day. Bethy got her these beautiful flowers and made her this delicious angle food cake with lots of kiwis and strawberries becuase Karin is a fruit-aholic. Karin is the sweetest, kindest most thoughtful person I know, she is a fabulous mother to her little boys and gives them a life full of fun. She is such a great example to me, I am so lucky to have such an amazing older sister, I look up to her in more ways then I could ever express. I love you Kar!

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  1. Wow! We sure did have a lot of fun--great memories! It was fun to celebrate my birthday with my sisters and mom and dad. The cake and flowers were amazing. You guys are the greatest! I love it when you come to visit!