Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Colorful Christmas

To celebrate the holiday season as well as the end of finals, Bethy does a photo shoot for all the members of the photo department at UVU and she always has such fun ideas! Since I happen to be her sister I get invited to these awesome things as well which is awesome cause I get to have all the fun and not do any of the work of finals! This year she wanted to have a fun colorful photo shoot which made for some super fun pictures! She had all sorts of fun props such as, colorful coats, scarfs, hats, Christmas decorations and lights, snowboarding goggles, presents, candy canes etc which made the pictures so cute! They totally remind me of Gap advertisements. Here are some of the ones of me and Beth ...

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  1. all the time. i want to be you all the time. you are so cute :)