Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tending The Boys

This summer I went down to Arizona to tend the four Burton boys while Karin went with her young women to girls camp. The night that I arrived we went to Joe's BBQ for dinner, one of my favorite places to eat when we go to visit. Then we went home and popped lots of popcorn and watched the classic Carrey Grant movie, North by Northwest.

The next day I was on my own with all four boys which was a little intimidating but they are such good boys they were so willing to help me with anything and everything. Will had a "cozy" that he always wanted to play in, basically he just put all the cozy blankets, pillows and stuffed animals together and called it his cozy, it was really cute. We spent a lot of time relaxing at home and playing games as well as swimming in the backyard which was great! The first day we went to the library and picked up their prizes for their reading charts they have been working on then we got frozen yogurt.

The next day we went bowling! The boys are hilarious when they bowl! Afterward I had to be the cool aunt and get lunch at the bowling ally! I remember always wanting to eat at places like that, the boys loved it! Then we played in the arcade games and won all sorts of tickets that we traded in for those wonderful, quality arcade prizes.

The next day we spent most of the day at the awesome community pool which is huge! It has all sorts of slides, a lazy river, a playground and a whirlpool! It was such a fun place! it was over 100 degrees that day so it was a perfect activity! When we were all tuckered out we went back home, watched Wallace and Gromit and made chocolate M&M cookies! Sadly I can't find my pictures from that day.

When Karin came home we made a delicious Indian dinner and tried out a new naan recipe that turned out to be soooo delicious! It was so fun to get to spend so much time with the boys! I absolutely loved the opportunity to be their babysitter for a few days. Karin always is the most excellent hostess and always plans the most fun things to do when we are together! The Burton's are just the best, I love them all!

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