Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Reason for the Season (Part II)

When we got home from the live nativity at Liberty Park we did our own annual nativity. All of the little kids were so cute in their costumes. Evie was a good little shepherd, she was very, very protective of her little lambs. Will had a hard time choosing between being a shepherd and a wise man so he came up with a costume that had elements of both. Lucky little Sam was the baby of the year so he got to be the sweet baby Jesus, and Jenny and Mike finally got to be Mary and Joseph.

Afterward we sang carols, Will's favorite Christmas song is Picture a Christmas. Cute Karin had each of her boys draw pictures to go along with the lyrics of the song and Will absolutely loves showing them as we sing. He often asks to sing that song so that he can be in charge of showing the pictures.

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