Thursday, September 22, 2011

Antiquing In Scipio

One of my friends told me about this fun little antique store he had passed in Scipio, he was on a road trip and was just passing through the little town so we decided to go back for a fun little day trip.  Scipio is about an hourish south of Provo, basically in the middle of nowhere.  The drive was beautiful full of blue skies, sunshine and nice views of the country, to make it feel even more like a mini road trip we made a rest stop at a funny little country gas station.  I couldn't resist playing with some of their awesome souvenirs.

When we arrived I instantly knew why this little store had caught his eye, it was overflowing with character and personality.  It had things painted on it's ancient brick walls, there were all sorts of treasures out in front of the store waiting to be discovered and a white picket fence leading up to the door, it was absolutely charming.

While browsing through the discount tables in front of the store we found this adorable kitty, every good antique store must have a kitty to enhance the cozy atmosphere of their shop.  This kitty was so sweet and so friendly, almost on the too friendly side ... the shop keeper told us that she will jump into anyone's car as soon as the door opens haha I was tempted to use this as an excuse to "accidently" take her home ...

The inside of the store was completely magical, it was like being transported back in time.
There were hundreds of fun little trinkets from past decades at every turn.

One of my favorite things that we found tucked in one of the numerous colored drawers throughout the store were some old photo albums with the cutest old photographs in them.  I love the one with the horse and buggy.
These are the two items I ended up getting.  I was looking for some cute finishing touches for my new room, I have now become addicted to antiquing so that is what I am using to decorate my new apartment.  The owner of the store is a delightful old cowboy who took two dollars off my lamp and gave me the owl for free (it's a salt shaker and it was missing it's pepper shaker friend thus he thought I should just get it for free) What a happy surprise!
Afterwards we had to say goodbye to our new little friend, as much as I really wanted to, I didn't take her home with me.


Right next door to the antique store there was an abandoned gas station that we couldn't resist taking some pictures in front of

Then we got some dinner at The Cracker Barrel, I thought it kind of fit into the theme of the day.  I had never been before and had heard soooo much about it so I was excited to experience it for myself. It was pretty tastey, but I think I will need to go back to exprience their country breakfast, I hear that is the best.

I thought their country store was so fun! 

I got a berry cobbler topped with berry swirl ice cream for dessert, oh it was sooooo good!

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