Friday, September 16, 2011

Princess Festival

I went to the Princess Fesitval with Jenny and her two little princesses and we had the most magical time!  All the princesses from every story you can imagine were there to celebrate, Evie and Nora got autograph books at the entrance so they could collect all the signatures of their favorite princesses and princes.

A new princess is featured each year, the girls were lucky enough to find her right when we walked in!

Our first adventure was through the hedge maze to find Alice, the queen of hearts met us at the entrance and told us to keep our eye out for different characters from their story.

We found her! She has having a party with her friend the mad hatter!

Peering down what she must have thought was a rabbit hole, but what actually turned out to be the 12 dancing princess' magic tunnel they use to dance the night away.

The 12 princesses and their adoring fans

The princess and the pea
Then we watched a proformance of The Maig Flute.  It was acutally really funny and, as you can tell, Evie loved it.  The girls got to get all the character's autographs after the show

Nora was so excited to find Rapunzel, since that is who she was dressed as.  We found her in her tower and Nora was so excited!

Look at those flushed little faces, it was an exrememly hot day!

We were looking for the princess and the frog from the Disney version of the story but they had the princess and the frog from the original story.  The frog was very talkative and Evie was so curious about how he was able to talk.  The princess asked the girls if they thought she should give the frog a kiss and the girls thought that was a gross idea and said no.  But I watched a group after us that said yes and as soon as she kissed the frog a prince jumped out the of the bushes! (the prince hid in the bushes the entire day and would talk through a microphone to all the little girls that stopped by, and that is how the frog was so conversational, he would even talk to the princess when no one was by her which looked kinda funny)

At the end the girls got to cool off in the Noah's Ark fountain which looked so nice!  I was tempted to jump in myself.
Our little prince, Sam was so good the entire time even though it was such a girly event

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  1. What a magical day! I would have loved to dress up as a princess and meet all the real princesses as a little girl. I'll have to live that dream through my sisters and nieces since my boys would not set foot near a princess (not yet anyway:)