Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HP 7.2

To celebrate the ending of the Harry Potter era we had a dinner party then went to see the final movie, I can't believe it's really come to an end! (to see pictures from our past HP adventures click HERE and HERE)

Our favorite hostess, Bethy, did a wonderful job on the decorations as well as the dinner.

Bethy had designed Harry Potter themed shirts for all the family members, Jenny and Mike then ironed them on.  Some of them were pretty silly ...

This was the back of Jenny's shirt
I know Victor Krum wasn't in the last movie but we still thought this was a pretty funny shirt

Vials filled with polyjuice potion (oreo shakes) concocted by Bethy

I had made treat bags for everyone to enjoy at the movie.  Some of the items included the Huffle Puff cup with gold "coins" and gummy frogs, battling wands, madolvo's ring, the dealthy hallows (peach rings = the moon stone, mike and ikes = the elder wand and gummy grapefruit slices = the cloak of invisibility, when stacked together they made the famous deathly hallow symbol.) snake venom (Venom energy drink) and Phenoix tears (Jones Cream Soda) and broom sticks that were stuffed with popcorn and had a pretzel for a handle

Everyone loved the movie, it serisouly was amazing and epic.  After the movie we went back to bethy's house to enjoy cauldron cakes and pumpkin pasties that Kelly had made

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