Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Butons Come To Visit

The Burton family came to visit us in the summer and, as always, we had so many fun things planned!  The first sunday they were here I went with Karin and her boy to temple square to visit the visitor center and to see the temple.  It was a beautiful day and all the flowers were in full bloom!  I love going to temple square, it is such a beautiful place.

As you can tell, Thomas is always the center of attention with his adoring brothers constantly cirlced around him.

I tried to hold thomas as much as possible, he is just such a cuddly little baby!  One morning we spent a long time out on the balcony swinging in the balmy, morning, breeze.  It was so perfect!

On memorial day we took all the grand kids to the city cemetary to put flowers on our families graves.  Living away from Utah, the burton boys don't get to do this tradition very often, so it was fun to share it with them.  Then we had a picnic in the grass and my mom shared stories about her family members that were buried there.  After our picnic lunch we went to the Living Planet Aquarium!  I love Aqauriums!  I am fascinated by the weird things that live in the sea.

We got there just in time to see the penguin feeding!  They are such cute silly little animals.  There are three couples that are nesting it was cute to see little penguin couples interact with each other, and to watch them build their nests.

To celebrate mom's birthday we had a girls only brunch at Bruges waffles.  They seriously have the best belgian waffles in Utah, they are to die for.  It was a beautiful day so we sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and the relaxing, kid free atmosphere (except for little Thomas, but he is such a good little babe.)

Book club happened to fall in the time that Karin was visiting and it just so happens she had read the book that we were discussing this month, The Sweetness At The Bottom of The Pie!  Since Bethy was moderating we thought it would be so fun for Karin and our mom come and experience what our fabulous book club is like!  We signed up to bring tea sandwiches, my mom, being the amazing, creative person that she is, knew you could special order colored bread at Dan's grocery store.  When she had done it in the past the breads has always come back in light, pastel shades but this time they came back bright and bold!  They were a complete hit, everyone at book club loved them!  It was so fun to have so many family members at our book club!

On the last sunday they were here, they had a family get together to bless baby Thomas.  We gathered at Steve and Rebecca's home for the happy occasion.

After the blessing I found Will hiding in the car chowing down on a huge bag of swedish fish, haha little stinker!


  1. Looks like where I work! And you found Nemo! Also...I got a serious jonesin for some swedish fish!

  2. Good times! We had so much fun in Utah. I love the picture you got of Will chowing on the "sweetie fish"(that's what he calls them).