Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pioneer Day

To celebrate the 24th of July our Lehi group of friends got together to put on a little firework show.  Since aerial fireworks are legal in Utah this year every couple brought one or two aerial fireworks to contribute to the show.  Since aerials can be anywhere between 20- 50 dollars I thought this was a great way of making a great show without one person having to spend hundreds of dollars.  Bethy added a few fun little touches such as popcorn and rootbeer floats to enjoy while we watched the show.  She also gave everyone glow bracelets and necklaces as little favors.  To make the firework show extra fun, Bethy created a fun playlist of music to listen to which definitely made it much more exciting! 

With a vengence is the firework that I brought to light off during the show, it was the biggest one in the store so thought it was going to be totally awesome ... turns out it wasn't even an aerial it was just a super long fountain ... it was pretty funny though.  Even though it wasn't the biggest firework is it definitely going to be the most memorable.

It was a very fun day to celebrate our pioneers!


  1. HAHA we really need to make this a tradition that was really fun. I was slacking on holding up the back round in that one picture ha.

  2. I love how some of the popcorn holders that I told you to grab from my pantry had snowmen on them. haha. this totally turned out way fun despite the rain. Sorry I didn't capture very many firework pics for you, I was struggling (I always forget where all the controls are on your camera)

  3. ps. Jasper looks like every little girls best friend in that shot.

  4. The picture of the dudes...the guy on the left. Totally served in the same mission as him. Elder Waite I believe? Also, I miss that holiday...