Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Will's Radical Robotic Birthday

While the Burton's were here for their summer visit we celebrated Will's birthday.  He wanted a robot themed party and that is what we gave him!  We had yummy summer BBQ foods for dinner, we ate at tables set up on our lower back patio
some of the very clever decorations by Bethy.
After dinner we moved on to the main event!  Mom and dad and been collecting cool shaped recyclable objects for months so that everyone at the party could build their own robot to take home.  The kids were very excited about this and instantly got to work creating their robotic masterpieces.  It was fun to watch their little minds be so creative.

Jenny and Bethany helped Nora make her robot, it was a very girly robot.

serveying his domain
Then it was time for dessert and presents!  Bethy and I had made Will a robot cupcake cake and made a video of it being put together as if it were a robot being specially made just for him!  At the end of our little movie it said "Happy Birthday Will" in a robotic voice and Will thought that was the coolest thing in the world, he just lit up.

Our complex robot cupcake cake

Jenny made these adorable gluten free robot cupcakes, they didn't last long!

While we were all enjoying our delicious cupcakes Will snuck off and opened all of his presents all by himself! So sneaky!  We did catch him before he opened his present from Bethy and I.  Bethy had wrapped it up so nice and special I am glad we didn't miss him opening it.  She had wrapped in in layers and each layer was a slightly smaller robot, how creative is that?!

I had gotten him a few things from the store that I work at since I basically live in the candy and toy shop.  One of those things being this cool magnetic monsters kit

And airplanes that expand in water!

I love this picture.  When all the guests had said goodbye all the boys crashed, a sign of a very good party


  1. I love seeing those "Dole" drink containers as part of your parents recycled goods. I totally remember their little mini fridge being stocked with that. Blast from the past!

  2. I love this theme! I am so glad that I don't have kids yet and can recycle all of your family's party theme ideas when I do! :) Love you KJ! Happy birthday little Will!

  3. Will had such a blast. Those cupcakes and video you and Beth made were amazing! Its so fun to be in Utah to celebrate a birthday with all the fam.