Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Utah Opera Festival 2011

This July we headed up to Logan for the Opera Festival. My dad discovered it last year so I went up with him and my mom and we loved it so much we came back for round two this year!  We went up for a couple of more days last year so we had more time to explore the town, see the pictures from that trip HERE.  Bethy joined in the fun this year, it was fun to have a roommate!  Since we were going to be in Logan when the last and final Harry Potter movie came out, Kelly made us some butterbeer cupcakes to enjoy on our drive up, they were delicious!

When we arrived in Logan we went to a Gershwin tribute concert that was outstanding.  The pianist was unbelievable!  I am pretty sure he broke a string in the middle of one of the pieces because he was playing so passionately.  Then we had dinner at Elements, it is the restaurant next to our hotel and it was our favorite from last year.  Below is the red velvet dessert that Bethy and I got to share.

The next morning we decided to try a local place, Angie's, for breakfast.  It was delicious!  It was so good we went back the next morning for breakfast as well.

Most of today was dedicated to antique shopping, they have some wonderful antique stores in Logan all four of us found some treasures we just couldn't live without!

Then we visited the Logan temple so Bethy could take some photos, its such a beautiful temple.

That night we attended a gala dinner.  The play that night was Oliver Twist so the theme of the dinner was Charles Dickens and classic English literature, the centerpieces were marvalous.  The committee had hand folded the pages of numerous books into fun different designs, then they sold them as a fundraiser after dinner, our family snactched up as many as we could!  They are so unique and fantastic!  I also loved the idea of putting the tea lights in tea cups, it was a very elegant idea.

They had these adorable little "beggars" come and ask for donations as we were leaving, very smart idea, who could resist those cute little faces.

Then we enjoyed a wonderful production of Oliver Twist the the Eccles Theater.  Micheal Ballam played Fagan we got a picture with him after the show, his make up was incredible.  The little boy that played Oliver was amazing, we had to get a picture with him as well, he did a fabulous job!

It was a quick little weekend getaway, we went up Thursday night and came home Saturday, but it is always nice to get away no matter for how long.

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