Friday, October 14, 2011

At The Pumpkin Patch

For this week's day off I wanted to do something fun, something to celebrate the season and something outside so I called up the Griffins and we decided to go to a pumpkin patch!  We found a great one in Riverton that had rows and rows of pumpkins as well as a mini corn maze, a tractor collection, haybales to play and take pictures on and fun old cars.  The kids were so excited to pick out some nice pumpkins to use as decorations at our family halloween party this weekend.  The girls each got their own little wheelbarrow to roll around the patch, they would fill them up with pumpkins, dump them out and fill it up again they were so cute.  Evie's wheelbarrow lost it's wheel in the middle of our visit but she didn't give up on it and continued to pull it around, she was a very dedicated worker.

This was also my first time using my new, fabulous 5D Mark II Canon, I am still figuring out how to use it, it's so different from my little rebel.  So I don't have all the settings down perfect but I did have a good first experience using it.

While I was taking pictures of Evie I asked if she wanted to wear my hat, she is the family's fancy nancy and loves accessories of any kind.  She was so happy when she put it on!

Sam loved wandering up the different streets of pumpkins and feeling all the different textures of the various kinds of pumpkins, he would also always try to pick them up even though they weighed as much or even more as he does.

After the pumpkin patch we headed over to Cornbellys at Thanksgiving Point for some more fall time fun.  We only had about an hour since Jens had young womens and I was photographing an event later that night.  So we jumped on the giant jumping pillows, built log cabins with life size lincoln logs, swung on tire swings, and went down lots of slides.  The kids had a great time and were very sad to leave.  It was such a wonderful way to spend my day off, I love hanging out with Jens and her cute little kiddos, they are so fun and adorable!


  1. So...I'm pretty much experiencing Autumn vicariously through your blog! I miss it so much! Thanks for that! Reading these entries makes me want to sip some wassail...

  2. What great fall fun! Pumpkin patches are the best. We went to one this week as well with Mom and Dad.

  3. Cute post! I loved the way you described all of the children trying to lift the pumpkins. It was great. :)