Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Newport Aquarium and Yaquina Lighthouse

Another fun activity we did while visiting the Oregon coast was going to the Newport aquarium.  I have said it before and I will say it again I absolutely love aquariums I find them endlessly fascinating.  The Newport aquarium is wonderful, it's huge and has so many creatures from the sea to learn about. 

We made sure to be there for the scheduled otter feeding.  Bethy and I are slightly obbessed with this adorable fuzzy little critters.

When they jumped out of the water to walk around on land I was so surprised by how big they are!  I had never seen one out of the water before.

I found this shirt hilarious, very clever.

After we had explored the mysteries of the ocean we headed over to the Aquarium Village to get some lunch.  The village was a very fun and whimsical place and the Fishtails Cafe served a wonderful lunch!  They serve breakfast items all day long so a few members of our party indulged in some warm and fluffy pumpkin pancakes.  I got a delicious sandwich that was a unique Fishtails Cafe creation, it had three types of cheese and a delicous creamy dressing, hooray for yummy comfort food!

After lunch we stopped by the Yaquina Lighthouse to snap some fun pictures.  The fog was rolling in that made for excellent photographs.  My camera died about half way through our visit so I borrowed a lot of Bethy's, she got some amazing pictures!

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  1. Love the sea life pictures! Your lighthouse pictures are gorgeous with the mist and the black pebble beach. Too bad Ricky and I went to the wrong Yaquina lighthouse. Who would have guessed there were two! The other one wasn't even close to being so picturesque.