Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sea Lions And Heceta Lighthouse

Today our day began at the Sea Lion Caves.  Since the tide was so high, all the chubby little lions were out of their cave and were on the rocky cliff sunning themselves and playing in the tossing waves.  The entire ledge was lined with a thick boarder of blubbery bodies waddling in the sunshine.

Then we descended down into the depths of the damp, dark caves.  They were fascinating and I would they would be fantastic when all the sea lions came home at the end of the day.

As always we had a fabulous time playing in the gift store.  I, being the generous and beautiful aunt that I am, bought all my nephews stretched pennies, each one stamped with a uniqe picture that described our trip to the Sea Lion Caves. Each boy got to personally selecte the image they wanted to keep forever imprinted on their shiney penny, then spin the wheel that stretched and printed their copper keepsake.

Then we bid adieu to the sun loving lions and drove further along the coast to the Heceta Lighthouse.

There is a small walk up to the lighthouse, the whole way up the views of the ocean get better and better.

This was a friendly little dog that I met, his name was Stewart Little, which, I thought, was a very fitting name.

We had a little guided tour of the lighthouse where we learned all about it's construction, history and what life was like living in and caring for a lighthouse.

Small, fleeting rainbows ran laps around the textured walls of the lamp room that crowned the top of the circular tower

After our tour we leisurely walked back down to the beach, enjoying the flora and the fauna of the shady trail.

When we reached the wave licked shore, we gave into our desire to feel the sand and the waves and spent several spontaneous moments enjoying life on the beach.  Andrew has developed an interest in combing the beach for shiney, smooth aggots and other hidden valuables handed to the beach by the constant rolling waves, so we all searched the warm grains of sand looking for any such keepsakes. It was a delightful afternoon.

On our way home we passed this quirky little Whitlers Workshop and couldn't resist its pull to come inside.  It was filled with the most random little trinkets that had nothing in common whatsoever, it was entertaining but not as charming as we thought it would be. 

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