Monday, October 17, 2011

This Is Halloween

This past weekend the Griffins hosted our annual family halloween party.  I look forward to this party every year it is so much fun and Jens always has the best halloween menu.  This year we ate spiders, mummies, ghosts and a big skeleton!  And they were all delicious and so cute. 

Jenny and the girls made some darling halloween decorations just for the party.  Nora draws the cutest drawings!  Jenny and I love her spelling of spider, if you sound out the word you can definitely see where she is coming from.

Of course everyone came dressed up in their halloween finest.  It's always fun to see what fun costumes everyone has come up with.  This year Jenny was a cute little 50's girl and mike was an escaped convict

I was Cleopatra / Hatshepsut / Nephertiti, basically a tribute to all those awesome Egyptian queens.  I have a slight obsession with Egyptian anything, I took Egyptian Art and Architecture in college and it lit my Egyptian spark. 

I got the amazing dress and shoes from my mom's awesome supply of costumes
 that she has collected from all of her travels around the world.  I am not sure where she got these items but she probably got them in or somewhere very close to Egypt, so they are pretty legit.


Marilynn came as a witch, she had played the wicked witch in a production of The Wizard of Oz, so she had a very good witch costume.  Baby sammy was the most adorable and cuddly little lion cub.

Nora was Rapunzel, her favorite Disney princess and Evie was Alice in wonderland.

                                                       The best picture of the three kiddos
What most of the picutres of the three kiddos looked like

Sadie is known as the Halloween cat since she is orange and black. She always makes a brief appearance at our parties, but this year she was lucky enough to join in on our photo shoot .... These pictures make me laugh out loud every time I see them.

Mom came as a mardi gras float krew member, using all the fun souvenirs we got in New Orleans this summer.  Dad came as a pirate, I must say it was the best pirate costume I have ever seen and I must give props to mom for putting it all together!

Our little lion cub tried to sneak into all our pictures, I cannot get over how cute he was in that costume!

Evie has also caught the photography fever that is very contagious in our family

After dinner and pictures it was time to decorate some halloween cookies!  I liked Jenny's cookies the best they turned out so well!  She is such a good little artist.

My skeleton cookie looked a little goofy... He looks super happy

Jenny was really excited about the black frosting, isn't that a nice look for her ...?

Jens made a very accurate cookie portrait of Sades.  I made one of Dubie to show the Madisons, but it didn't turn out very well ... I took more of a minialmist approach, it was a cat cookie thinly outlined in black with green eyes. 

A big thank you to the Griffins for another spectacular evening of spooky fun!

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  1. OH MY WORD! my family is the the cutest family in the world. You all look so adorable in your costumes. I bet the food was not only cute but delicious like it always is. The kiddos are amazing, Sam and Evey are looking so big to me. The picture where Evey is holding up Saidys paw is my knew go-to picture when I need a smile, I totally laughed out loud when I saw that one. So funny. Kitch, your hair is so dark and shiny, its so pretty! I love and miss you all so much. Cant wait till I can SQUEEZE every single one of you again. (So be prepared to be squeezed and smothered in kisses)