Saturday, October 1, 2011

Playing At The Sand Dunes

Our first day in Yachats we went out to the sand dunes to show the Burtons how fun their dune buggys are, it was our favorite activity last time we visited Yachats.  After we made our reservations we had quite a bit of time to spare, we filled the time by riding some of the other rides that were also offered by the dune buggy company.  First we did bumper boats, they were super fun!  I thought they were much better then regular old bumper cars.

Ricky abandoned ship half way through the ride which left Ben doing circles in the middle of the pool haha

After our bumper boat adventure we headed to the race track to drive some race cars!  That was just as fun!  I am proud to say that nobody passed me the whole time.

Will directing Karin on the turn

Then we had to wait a little longer .... so ... we took some silly pictures in one of the buggys.

Then we finally got our turn out in the dunes!  It was a total blast!  Our driver thrilled us by going up and down big hills and skidding around corners, it was quite the ride.  Then we drove out to the beach for a fantastic view!  The Burton boys loooooved it!

I found these little forested islands were so interesting out in the middle of the desert

Ben isn't grumpy because he didn't like the ride, he is grumpy because we wanted to take his picture, he loved the ride.

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  1. That dune buggy ride was AWESOME! What a thrill. One of the funnest things I've ever done:)