Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Drive

The week before October conference my parents invited me on their annual fall drive through the Alpine Loop, it was a fabulous day!  We started on the American Fork side of the loop and drove through the wonderful canopy of fall leaves and ended at the Sundance resort where we took a lift ride and had dinner at the Foundry Grill.

It was a perfect time to go!  The weather was still nice and warm and we had a whole range of color.  In the lower elevations there was still a lot of green which made for cool contrasts of color, as well as neat trasition leaves that haven't fully changed so they have green, yellow and red on them.  The higher elevations were full of bright, bold reds, oranges and yellows.

We took a short, little detour and drove down to Cascade Springs, we wanted to extend our lovely drive, we were having too much fun!  We saw some stunning views of the leaves on our way to the springs, probably the best of the entire drive!  When we arrived, we got out to go for a short stroll on the board walks set up all over the water ways.  We found this fuzzy little guy inching his way across the leaves on top of the swampy water.

Our lift ride was pure bliss, so peaceful and relaxing.  It felt amazing to be warmed by the autumn sun and to feel the slight breeze on my face.

After our  lift ride we had a wonderfully delicious dinner at the acclaimed Foundry Grill.  Unfortunately both my camera and phone died so I didn't get any pictures of our meal.  I had samplings of my dads delectable warm tomato basil soup, a yummy pasta dish that had a sweet yellow tomato sauce, a peach raspberry cobbler served a la mode and a pot of African Autumn herbal tea for dessert.  It was a splendid day!


  1. my heart aches a little bit. its so beautiful, and this is a favorite tradition of ours. Soak it all up for me. The leaves are just not turning over here :(

  2. Fall is fabulous! You got some amazing pictures. I would love to hang several of them up on my wall so I can enjoy a little fall color here in the desert!