Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yachats : Skookum House

We had beautiful views of the sunset over the ocean as we finished our drive to our cottage in Yachats.

This is the Skookum House, where we stayed for the majority of our Oregon coast vacation.  It was such a fun place to stay!  It sleeps 11 so all of us had a bed to sleep on which was nice. 

There was a tic tac toe game on the front porch which the boys loved to play.  I had a good time playing with Will one day.  He won a few rounds and was so excited, he definitely has the best reactions.

There was another porch around the back that had a view of the ocean, you could hear the waves crashing from the back porch.  There were gorgeous flowering bushes all over the property.  It was a perfect place for a family vacation!

Inside was decorated all breezy and beachy with shells, sand dollars, blue and clear glasses, sheer drapes etc.  

This was my bedroom, it was pretty magical.  My favorite aspect was the cow "jumping over the moon"

This was the view from my window, in the distance you can see the ocean.  At night I would open my window so I could fall asleep to the beautiful sound of the ocean.
The best place to eat in the tiny town of Yachats is the Drift Inn, so we ate there quite a few times.  Inside they had umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, some were decorated as jelly fish, I found them to be such unique and fun decorations.

I figured I should eat some fish while on the coast, and I can only enjoy eating fish if it is deep fried (or in sushi) so I ordered their delicious fish and chips a couple of times.

After dinner we would come back to our cute little house and do different fun activities as a family.  Often we would go down to the tide pools that were in our backyard, a post on that is coming soon, they were spectacular!  One night we worked as a family to complete a fun puzzle, one night we watched a movie, often we would just sit around and chat and exchange pictures.

One night Will wanted us to take a bunch of silly pictures of him, he would do a silly pose and tell us to take pictures of them, I took advantage of the fact that he would sit still and pose.  The painted walls of my room turned out to be a really cute back drop for pictures.

Such handsome boys
Then we all came downstairs and the silliness continued .... 

Must of hit those confusing Isaiah chapters

We celebrated two birthdays while we were on vacation.  First we celebrated Reece's 29th birthday.  He couldn't come on the trip because he was in the middle of finals, so we baked him some brownies, lit some candles and sang to him via skype.  Then he blew out his candles from thousands of miles away!  Technology these days sure is amazing!

A couple of days later we celebrated Andrew's 12th birthday.  His favorite kind of cake is funfetti so that is what we gave him!  He had such a fun birthday he thanked everyone for such a wonderful day. Andrew is really an outstanding kid, I am constantly surprised by the stories Karin tells about his talents and how thoughtful he is.


  1. those pictures seem to capture the awesomeness of that family vacation!

  2. Those pics of Will you took are priceless. He is definitely a ham sometimes! You got great pictures of the house. What a fun place.