Saturday, September 17, 2016

Baby Animal Season

Baby Animal Season rivals Autumn as my favorite season. I love to celebrate this season as much as possible, and this year we did a pretty good job. 

Our first stop was at This is the Place for their Baby Animal Days.
I love going there for baby animal season because they always have
tons of baby animals, especially baby chicks that guests can hold.

She is so much fun to have around

Stop number two was at Cross E Ranch, which was a fun new experience for us. 
There were all sorts of adorable baby animals for us to hold and pet. We came 
across the baby bunnies first, and we could have spent the entire time with them.
All of the bunnies were so soft and sweet, V was a little unsure of them at first but
she quickly came around.

Cross E Ranch also had chicks, they were a lot younger and smaller 
than the ones we held at This is the Place. The little, yellow fluff pictured
below was the smallest of them all. 

V was a little nervous about the chickies, she liked to look at them from a 
distance, but didn't necessarily want them anywhere near her.

Until next time babes!

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  1. ah, you caught the moment mama chicken flapped her wings in VN's face! That was a memory! Adorable little chicks...and bunnies.Kris, at art, has a pet bunny that hops around our feet as we draw. He is white with gray lop ears and a spot around his eye...his name is Harley. Very tame, only 3 months old, you must come visit sometime.