Sunday, September 25, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood

The Little Red Riding Hood bike race is something I look forward to every year. My sister and bethy have been riding in this race for about 4 years now, and each year just keeps getting better and better. They always have a fun theme and this year it was the roaring 20's! I love a good 20's dress up party!

The race is up in Lewiston, Utah which is just above Logan and only a few, short minutes away from the Idaho boarder. We drove up after I finished work on Friday night to try and make it to the race kick off party and dinner. We made it right as things were winding down, so we had just a little bit of time to wander around and see all the fun decor and booths before everything was taken down.

Since we missed the pre-race dinner, we decided to check out Tandoori Oven, an Indian restaurant that came highly recommended to us by Jenny and Mike, who had been there multiple times. It was indeed very delicious, and it was the perfect pre-race meal, it may have to become part of our race weekend traditions.

We got curries, and naans, and rice and creamy rose milk.

We had struggled finding a hotel in the past, as they fill up fast with race participants and family members, so we thought it would be giggles, not to mention super fun, to stay at the Anniversary Inn in one of their themed rooms. We chose the Taj Mahal room for this year's adventure, and are already excited to pick another fun room for next year. The Taj room was beautiful, and huge!

We had brought fun outfits to wear if we had made it to the kick off party in time, but since we didn't have time to put them on for the party, we put them on at the hotel and had a fun little photo shoot

Our race time was at the nice, reasonable hour of 9:30. We woke up to breakfast on our doorstep, then we got all dressed up in our gear and packed up our bikes and provisions and headed out to the starting line.

And then we were off!! We signed up for the 50 miles again this year, we think this might be our distance. I would like to complete a century at some point in my life, but 50 seems like a good distance for now :) 

One of the many reasons I love this race so much is how gorgeous the route is. We are surrounded bye endless, green farmland with bright, blue skies for the entire 50 miles.

They have rest stops about every 10-15 miles , and they are awesome!
Any kind of energizing treat you would ever want are laid out on long tables for us go grab and go or take and enjoy while having a little rest in the sunshine. There are first aid tables with everything from sunscreen to pain killers to pickles for cramps. They have electrolyte powders to mix in your water, and all sorts of volunteers to help with flat tires, loose handle bars, broken breaks, or anything else any rider may need

Then it was on the road again!

When we crossed the finish line, we were rewarded with a nice cold drink and these adorable race bracelet "medals."

The post race party is just as happening as the pre-race kick off. There were treats, and drinks for daysssssssssss

Many, many thanks to all the wonderful souls who put this race together and made it so wonderful! 
I already can't wait until next year!

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