Thursday, September 8, 2016

Luke and Rey's Galactic Birthday Bash

Evie and Sam are both huge Star Wars fans, as am I, so both kids requested a Star Wars themed birthday party. Jenny and Mike responded by throwing them one epic, combined, galactic birthday party. We all came dressed as our favorite characters from the legendary saga. 

From left to right:
Me as my ultimate bad boy crush, Han Solo
Mom & Dad are rebel alliance fighters
Sam is a young, fearless Luke
Jenny is fight mode Princess Padma 
Nora is a beautiful and iconic Princess Leia 
Mike is a angsty  teenage Anikan (he has the infamous rat tail,
 you just can't see it super well in this photo)
Evie is an adorable Rey
Bethy surprised us all and came as C3PO
Reece is Ewan McGreger's twin as a young Obi-wan Kenobi
Vienne stole all our hearts as a cuddly ewok 
Sweet Dorie got dressed up as BB8 and it was almost too cute to handle (Pictured below)

The decorations were phenomenal!

The buffet's at Griffin parties always match the theme, and are always amazing. I loved all the fun Star Wars themed things Jenny came up with to serve, they were all so adorable!

Having the drink station as the Cantina was such a fun idea. The Cantina scenes are so epic and are some of the most memorable scenes from Episode IV.

After dinner, it was time for presents. Both Evie and Sam got some pretty cool Star Wars gifts ...

Chewie ,,, We're home

The dessert buffet was just as delicious and adorable as the dinner buffet!

Jenny made the most amazing cakes for Evie and Sam. I mean seriously how cute are these droid cakes??!

Happy Birthday Evie and Sam!
Many thanks for the very memorable and enjoyable evening Jens!

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  1. Fabulous pictures! You got great smiles and caught all the amazing details of this epic event! Cheers to you!